Air Plants

Flower Spotlight: Air Plants

What are Air Plants?

Air plants are a unique type of flowering plant. They are scientifically designat as epiphytes, and as such naturally grow on other plants without acting as a parasite. In nature, they\ found in more tropical, but humid environments on the branches of trees. In fact, they have similar growing preferences to orchids and some species of ferns.

Air plants as we know them in artificial habitats are inconspicuous. so They are most commonly recognize as small, hand-sized or smaller plants, covered in a dusty coating of gray hairs, with anywhere from bright green and red to mild gray sprays of inflexible, linear leaves. However, in their natural environments, they grow impressively, up to more than ten times their size in indoor garden settings!

How do Air Plants Reproduce?

Like all angiosperms, air plants reproduce through flower production, pollination, and seeding. Their flowers are extremely beautiful, supported within the folds of their leaves or paraded on a stem. Furthermore, each blossom hints at the tropical background of this plant: brilliant purples, reds, oranges and blues that can last for weeks.

Common Types of Airplants

Because of their epiphytic nature, these plants have become very popular as houseplants. so They can be shipp without worry and their unrooted characteristic and beautiful blossoms allow for incredible creativity in the making of attractive air plant terrarium centerpieces.

Currently, NBU Flowers offers a number of the most common types of air plants for those interested in adding a tropical detail to indoor spaces:

Fire Airplant: This airplant is characterized by its small size and brightly colored red leaves.

Hard Leaf Stricta: This popular airplant variety is characterized by its large and colorful flowerheads.    

Tillandsia: Tillandsias can grow to be quite large in an indoor setting and have a variety of forms.

By Olivia Turner

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