To begin growing orchids at home, you need to understand the optimal conditions for their growth. Most of the requirements to successfully grow orchids involve creating the perfect conditions required for them to blossom.

Orchids grow and develop with good lighting; most require a minimum of six hours of light a day. It is, however, better to avoid direct sunlight, although some species like Vanda thrive with bright light. While inadequate light prevents flowering, dark and lush leaf color is usually an indicator of adequate light. In other words, pay attention to the lighting and make necessary adjustments.

The temperature must also be ideal. Most orchids available in nurseries will survive at a temperature comfortable for humans, but orchids in the wild often experience different temperatures day and night. Changing the temperature as required can be a factor in having a thriving orchid plant.

Orchids need high humidity between 65 and 70 percent is often adequate, but this level is more than the average humidity in most homes. As a result, you must provide extra humidity to keep them flowering. One technique to provide humidity is filling a spray bottle with water and spraying it on the plant. Your orchids will be grateful for the mist. Another method is placing the pot housing the orchid in a bowl filled with water and gravel.

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