Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers

In Victorian times, flowers were used for more than just beautiful, fragrant gifts. They represented an entire language and were used to send secret messages of love, happiness, and even betrayal in a silent manner. so Friends, lovers, and families alike used this language of flowers to create personalized flower gifts.

In fact, this old traditional language of flowers may have been the start of the practice of gifting flower bouquets to your loved ones. It has surely spread across the globe as a universal token of affection, although many flower givers today don’t know the original meaning given to flowers by Victorian users.


If you’d like to create unique and highly personalized flower gifts or fill your next event with extra meaning take a look below at some flowers and their Victorian meanings. Share these flowers in public spaces, with loved ones, yourself, or dear friends as beautiful, and meaning-filled gifts:

♥ Flowers for Lovers: 

Orange Rose - Fascination

Phlox - Our Souls  United

Red Rose - Love

Tulip - Declaration of Love

♥ Flowers for Self: Language of Flowers

Daffodils - New Beginnings

Purple Coneflower - Strength and Health

Allium - Prosperity

♥ Flowers for Friends:

Pink Carnation - I Will Never Forget You

Zinnia - I Mourn Your Absence

Bells of Ireland - Good Luck

What wonderful, thoughtful meanings to such beautiful flowers! If you’d like to send an old-fashioned flower message to a special someone, so stop by or look up your local nursery or florist and ask about their flower gifting and flower delivery services.

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