Love and Romance

Love and Romance

Love and Romance- You know that feeling when you look into your partner’s eyes and you get lost in the ocean of beauty that is them? The two stars that they have for eyes that make every problem disappear at the moment and you become enveloped in complete calm and safety as they wrap their arms around you to pull you close for a hug. Sometimes you’re at work and that’s all you can think of; their smile, the way they hug you,

and just the way you become so overwhelmed with the amount of love you feel anytime you’re around them. 

You just count down the minutes until the workday is done so you can call them and hear their voice and think of what to do to show this beautiful and amazing human just how much you love them.  So what do you do?

There are so many good options out there to express how much you love your person. You can cook them dinner, have a unique date night such as a paint night, or stargaze in the backyard.

 or even cozy up and watch the new Spiderman Movie! But sometimes, you want to do something in between that step, a little extra nudge to show your person the love they deserve, and what better way to do that than to bring flowers to them?

Why flowers?

Flowers are a timeless symbol of romance and appreciation for the person you love and will give a constant reminder for a few weeks of how much you love them!

What if you’re long-distance?

The great part about flowers is that you can set up a long-distance flower delivery so you can send them a text of 2D flowers and then surprise them with the real thing!

What type of flowers should you give?

Red roses are always the classic flower for romance but there are others you can send!  Start with their favorite flower and if they don’t have a preference then move on to one of these.   Along with roses, you can send them Tulips, Daisies, Orchids, Gerbera Daisies, or Hydrangeas.  All these flowers will be well received in deep red, pastels, or any soft shades of blue.

Can I buy flowers for a guy?

Absolutely! Which human wouldn’t love a single rose or even a dozen of fresh flowers of which their vibrant

and charming colors and shape remind you of your partner’s amazing and lovable personality!

Express your love by giving these fresh and beautiful flowers to your loved one-
50 Assorted Roses- Two Colors
Fresh Cut Flowers-Dendrobium Orchids White
50 Red Roses- Fresh Cut Flowers

By Krystal Ramsaran

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