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Flowers For My Love

Flowers For My Love

Flowers are a symbol of love and affection. They have been used as a way of expressing one's feelings for another person in many cultures and civilizations. In ancient times, the Greeks would give their loved ones roses, while the Romans would send violets to their wives. Today, flowers are still considered one of the most popular gifts for loved ones on Valentine's Day or on other special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a classic way to say "I love you." Whether it's for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or just because, we have the perfect arrangement to show your sweetheart just how much you care.

While there are many different meanings and traditions associated with certain flowers, people often associate them with love and admiration. Research has also shown that women prefer flowers over other gifts like jewelry or chocolates.

Here are some of our Dainty delicate flowers for your girl

Every person has a different personality and preferences when it comes to gifts. Flowers are a timeless gift and the perfect way to show how much you care about your loved one. Below is a list of our best flower arrangements for your specific needs.

  1. Benchmark Bouquets 12 Stem Assorted Asiatic Lilies, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers): Send this beautiful assorted lily bouquet to girl and a burst of colors will bloom before her eyes. Shipped in bud form, these vibrant blooms  guarantee to stay fresh for at least seven days!

  2. Bloomerang Dark Purple Reblooming Lilac (Syringa) Live Shrub, Purple Flowers: Bloomerang Dark Purple blooms in spring like traditional lilacs, then reblooms in summer and adds beauty and fragrance to gardens from spring to fall. Send this lovely flower to your love, especially as a garden or flower lover. He/she would really feel the scent of your love.

Flowers For My Love

Hopefully, these suggestions will help make your shopping experience easy and stress-free. We know how difficult it is to find the right gift at the last minute. So happy shopping and don't forget to let us know how everything turns out!

By - Emma Reeds

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Buying Flowers

5 Reasons Buying Flowers is Practical

Buying Flowers- Some things in life are easier than others. Dribbling a basketball is easy; dunking is not. Tying your shoes is easy; unhinging a bra while kissing is not.

You have to do a lot of things that are difficult: Get up and go to work, sit patiently in traffic, say you’re sorry when you don’t feel sorry. It may feel daunting to think of adding “buy flowers” to that already long list of difficult missions. But the truth is, buying flowers is one of the most practical things you can do. Consider the following:

You Don’t Have to Pick Them Yourself

Sure, you could if you wanted to. Drive to an open field, dance like The Sound of Music. Or snatch them out of a bed outside of your local Hardee’s.

But buying flowers means they’ve already been planted, fed, picked, and arranged. All you need is your wallet. Speaking of which...

They’re Universal, Yet Unique

Some women hate jewelry, others hate candy. Some don’t care for a fancy dinner, others won’t be impressed by a beach vacation. But nary a woman doesn’t love at least one kind of flower. There’s a reliability to flowers, which are familiar, yet individualized. Flowers are a universal language, and yet at the same time, each bouquet is its own gesture. No two are the same.

Flowers are Economical

Some gifts are too extravagant, like a pearl necklace. Some are too cheap, like a shot glass in a bikini. Flowers are affordable, but classy if done right. While they all eventually whither, the look on a woman’s face upon presentation is priceless. Combine the first impression, the look, and the smell of roses on a table, and you’re looking at money well spent.

Perfect For When You’re in a Bind

When you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, you may not have time to take the children to sculpt and glaze their own pottery creations for their dear sweet mother. You also don’t have time to run to Pier One and try to hunt for a matching whatchamacallit to go with that whose-what’s-it she has in the living room.

But what you know is that the flower shop is right where you left it. And since the last bouquet you bought died, you know she’d love another one. You know you would do the same thing if it were a puppy.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Even when she can tell you forgot that special day, even when she never asked for flowers, even when you can’t figure out what she wants, even when you screwed up and flowers alone won’t fix it—know that you have to start somewhere. In those times when you hit rock bottom in the general area of getting her something to show you care, flowers will still be there, because flowers show that you care.

You thought of her. And sometimes that’s practically all you need to show.
Buy beautiful and assorted flowers for your loved one-

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Love and Romance

Love and Romance

Love and Romance- You know that feeling when you look into your partner’s eyes and you get lost in the ocean of beauty that is them? The two stars that they have for eyes that make every problem disappear at the moment and you become enveloped in complete calm and safety as they wrap their arms around you to pull you close for a hug. Sometimes you’re at work and that’s all you can think of; their smile, the way they hug you,

and just the way you become so overwhelmed with the amount of love you feel anytime you’re around them. 

You just count down the minutes until the workday is done so you can call them and hear their voice and think of what to do to show this beautiful and amazing human just how much you love them.  So what do you do?

There are so many good options out there to express how much you love your person. You can cook them dinner, have a unique date night such as a paint night, or stargaze in the backyard.

 or even cozy up and watch the new Spiderman Movie! But sometimes, you want to do something in between that step, a little extra nudge to show your person the love they deserve, and what better way to do that than to bring flowers to them?

Why flowers?

Flowers are a timeless symbol of romance and appreciation for the person you love and will give a constant reminder for a few weeks of how much you love them!

What if you’re long-distance?

The great part about flowers is that you can set up a long-distance flower delivery so you can send them a text of 2D flowers and then surprise them with the real thing!

What type of flowers should you give?

Red roses are always the classic flower for romance but there are others you can send!  Start with their favorite flower and if they don’t have a preference then move on to one of these.   Along with roses, you can send them Tulips, Daisies, Orchids, Gerbera Daisies, or Hydrangeas.  All these flowers will be well received in deep red, pastels, or any soft shades of blue.

Can I buy flowers for a guy?

Absolutely! Which human wouldn’t love a single rose or even a dozen of fresh flowers of which their vibrant

and charming colors and shape remind you of your partner’s amazing and lovable personality!

Express your love by giving these fresh and beautiful flowers to your loved one-
50 Assorted Roses- Two Colors
Fresh Cut Flowers-Dendrobium Orchids White
50 Red Roses- Fresh Cut Flowers

By Krystal Ramsaran

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