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CORONAVIRUS HELPING LOVED ONES DURING RECOVERY: It is necessary to get adequate information about the COVID-19 virus and take all the required safety measures to prevent the spread and flatten the curve. But in the unfortunate event that someone you know comes down with COVID-19, the time-tested thing to do,

as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO), is to self-isolate until recovery. You should also take responsibility to test if you have been in close quarters with the infected person.

CORONAVIRUS Effect And Recovery

During the period of isolation, it has been reported that people sometimes feel mental and psychological stress from being detached from family and loved ones. As a result, it is essential to explore safe ways to keep the spirit up. Kind gestures like long video calls, Netflix parties, playing online games with them, etc., help, if not less daunting, make the process more bearable. These activities will bring the needed comfort and reduce the anxiety of the recovery period.

Sometimes you may not have the luxury of time; another kind gesture is sending them gifts they would love and appreciate. Presents can go a long way in passing a strong message of your genuine love and concern about their health, whether they are young or elderly. Ideally, gifts that remind them of happy moments you shared--vacations, trips, and even memorable night-outs. Books are also a great idea. Sending them books you know they would love or have stated their interest in reading. It goes a long way in showing your thoughtfulness and care. Send inside jokes and even make new ones,

Let the loved one in your life who’s isolated know that you’re thinking of them. It would mean everything.

Your act of care cannot be overestimated. It can help create a stronger bond by dealing with and getting through the period together. You can show care by offering fresh flowers as well.

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