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What’s the big deal?

Everyone seems to have a picture of themselves in a sunflower field or holding a bunch of freshly picked sunflowers in their hands.  What’s the big idea with these flowers why are they so popular? These beautiful and vibrant flowers often remind people of the sun and are often associated with happiness and prosperity.  They have also been planted in areas of nuclear disasters as they are well-known hyperaccumulators, which are plants that absorb toxins in their tissues, helping to purify the soil around them.

Where can I find them? Sunflower

These are quite easy to find in local grocery stores or corner stores as a part of a bouquet. You can search around your city for a local U-Pick farm that may have sunflowers along with seasonal fruit.  There you can pick as many sunflowers as you like per the price of the U-Pick. (The bonus?  Here, you can control how long to cut the stem which will lead to longer-lasting sunflowers!)

How do I take care of them?

A lot of people become intimidated by taking care of such a big flower but caring for these beautiful yellow delights is easier than you would think.  Once picked or bought, place them in a tall vase, preferably weighted, to hold up the weight of the head of the flower.  About every 3 days, cut an inch of the stem and change the water in the vase between every 1-3 days depending on how much water your sunflower needs.  This will allow your sunflowers to have the most longevity in your home. 

What do you do if flower petals are dropping? Sunflower

This is an indication that the sunflowers are dying due to dehydration.   You’ll see that the petals along with the middle will start to become dry. These plants require water daily sometimes a little more depending on the size.  A good rule of thumb is to fill the vase about 3/4 way and see how much water disappears by the end of the day and adjust accordingly. 

How much sun does a mini “sun” need?

Unlike other plants, these flowers need full sun.  They average about 6 hours of sunlight for growth, but with sunflowers, always remember, more is better. They need an abundance of sunlight to produce such magnificent blooms throughout the day.  Hopefully, this gave you an insight into the craze behind these magnificent flowers, and you’re ready to bring some home!

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