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How to Price Bouquet

Calculating How to Price Bouquet?

Calculating How to Price Bouquet?

How much do you charge for materials?

For flowers and greens, the industry charges an average 3.5% markup - that is, 3.5 times the wholesale cost of each stem, or per full bunch. So if you have a rose that costs you $1, the retail cost is $3.50; a full dozen roses, we’ll say priced wholesale at $12, would be $42.

For non-organic supplies, the markup is 2%. These supplies include tape, wire, ribbon, bouquet holders, et cetera - anything other than flowers and greens. If the cost of materials to make a bouquet is $6, then retail cost would be $12.

How much do you charge for labor?

This can be a tough question. The labor charge can vary depending on your level of expertise, how long you’ve been in the business, your location, and type of business, and even the time and effort it takes to create certain designs. I’ve seen labor costs range anywhere from 12% to 35% of the retail cost, but the average seems to be 20-30%.

To calculate: (retail cost of flowers + retail cost of materials) x labor cost % = labor cost.

Using that same full rose bouquet from earlier, and the same amount of materials, and using 20% markup for labor we have:

(42+12) x 20%

54 x 20%

$10.80 for labor.

Putting it all together

To figure the total cost of our dozen rose bouquets, we add each of our values together:

Retail cost of flowers + retail cost of materials + labor cost = total

42 + 12 + 10.80

$64.80 is the price we would give for the client!

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