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Flowers play an important role in your wedding as it is the most noticeable thing in the event and catches the eye at first glance. It can make your event beautiful if you choose according to your wedding theme. Choosing the perfect combination of flowers for your big day can be a bit overwhelming. It takes a lot of time, thought and patience to pick out the perfect flowers for your day and you also have to stay within your budget. We have discussed some of our favorite ones below in detail.


Roses are the most common flower for so many different occasions and one of them is a wedding. People love to have roses for their wedding decoration from so many years. There are hundred of species of roses and few common ones are garden roses and common roses. Garden roses have these beautiful ruffled petals which make a gorgeous bloom. Comes in so many different sizes and colors. Garden roses are comparatively bigger in size than other roses.


Peonies are possibly the most famous ones for the wedding due to their beautiful bloom and pastel colors. and the bride's favorite flower of them all, and if you have seen one you know why. Its gorgeous ruffled petals making a big and fluffy bloom and it comes in a variety of shades of pink, white and yellow. For you wedding centerpieces, these blooms can be mixed with some other seasonal flowers to also stay in a budget because peonies can be quite pricey.


Hydrangeas are the forever fav kind of flowers. They can be used in any theme whether it is a vintage style or modern reception, these lush and beautiful blooms make great centerpieces or even a bouquet for a bride to hold. The best you can do is mix some white peonies with white hydrangeas to make a perfect bouquet for a bride.


Chrysanthemum, also known as mums, are the wonderful flowers for fall weddings, it is also the flower for the month of november, you can check out the birth month flowers here. For wedding decorations, centerpieces, cakes or bouquets everything looks ravishing if you add these flowers to them. For bouquets and centerpieces adding a ruby chrysanthemum with some blush pink garden roses looks breathtaking.

Following are some other flowers that are most common for weddings









By-Neha Kamran

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Anniversary flowers

How to Choose Perfect Flowers for Anniversary?

Anniversary flowers- First wedding anniversaries are always full of excitement and happiness, as you celebrate the whole year of togetherness. For every year there are different kinds of flowers that you can give your spouse to show love and affection. You can also give flowers according to your own liking or has a meaning behind it between you and your spouse. The tiny little details of you remembering, is ,most thoughtful and romantic  gift ever. As per research few of the following flowers are known to be given in different years of marriage.

1st year, Carnation: Anniversary flowers

Because of their full bloom and beautiful colors, Carnations are symbolized as young, passionate love, and they’re perfect for newlyweds! That is why they are known to be given on the first anniversaries.

2nd year, Cosmos: Anniversary flowers

For the second anniversary, couples have a deeper understanding and love so, Cosmos are the perfect choice as for their beautiful color, that perfectly describes the young marriage.

3rd year, Sunflowers: Anniversary flowers

Strong and sturdy, just like the stem of Sunflower. Couples have stronger bond then ever and symbolize loyalty and longevity. Hence, the Sunflowers are ideal to give to your partner.

4th year, Geranium:

 For the fourth anniversary, These flowers are super pretty and delicate and will add something extra unique life to your anniversary bouquet, and they also represent the husband and wife coming together as mind, body and spirit.

5th year, Daisy:

For the fifth anniversary, Daisy looks so pure and elegant to give to your partner as they also represent elegant nature and peace. This beautiful flower may look simple, but it brings happiness to your event and is perfect for your fifth anniversary.

10th year, Daffodil:

These beautiful bright flowers are perfect to celebrate your first decade of marriage, as it is a huge milestone for both husband and wife with so many beautiful memories together. Daffodil has this bright yellow color that is as perfect as your love for each other. And they look absolutely beautiful when arranged together in a bouquet.

15th year, Rose:

For your 15th Anniversary, As it is a huge milestone of your marriage that should be celebrated in style. There is no other flower more passionate and romantic than a red Rose. After 15 years couples have been through all the good and bad, so red roses are the perfect way to show your love is still strong and passionate as it was on your first Anniversary.

20th year, Aster:

Aster is a unique and beautiful colored flower, which was also believed to have some properties that give wisdom and knowledge in ancient times. Adding this flower in your bouquet with other flowers symbolizes how much that  person means to you and

how much you appreciate them and how much you both have learned about each other, in these two decades of marriage.

25th year, Iris:

Iris is a flower known to be given on the 25th anniversary as it shows strength , courage and love of your relationship. As you has come quarter of the century with the love of your life, to celebrate that achievement Iris is a perfect flower to add in your bouquet.

50th year, Yellow Roses & Violets:

5o years of marriage is a huge and amazing accomplishment. You have seen all the good and bad times with your partner and stood strong toghether.To celebrate this, there are two flowers that compliment this occasion and those are yellow roses and violets. You can pair them together as they compliment each other perfectly.



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50th wedding anniversary flowers

What Flowers Are Appropriate For 50th Wedding Anniversary?

Marriage during any year is a great accomplishment, so ensuring to pick the best wedding commemoration blossoms is significant.
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