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What Colors Go Well Together

Flowers: What Colors Go Well Together?

When you are putting together a flower bouquet or ordering flower arrangements for your event, you may be stuck on what floral colors look good together or what floral colors will nicely complement your event theme.

Don’t sweat it, here at NBU Flowers, your best florist finding and all things flowers site, we have some hints for choosing and mixing floral colors. And we want to share them with you!

What Two Colors Look Good Together?

The rule if you are only planning on having two different colors in flower bouquets, is to choose directly complementary colors. For example, if your event theme is blue, pick floral arrangements with mixes of blue

and yellow blooms, or for a more beautiful contrast, shoot for flower arrangements with two different shades of yellow flowers.

2 Color Fresh Rose Bouquet, 50 count 

Three Colors that Look Good Together

Adding more color by opting for floral arrangements of three colors is ideal. You can get very creative, exploring different shades and color layers. Remember: the enjoyable and eye-catching contrast of complementary colors proves, so stick with that idea. For example, a business launch party with a green theme can support by floral arrangements of soft pinks and deep purples with lush green accents.

Four Colors that Look Good Together

If you decide to go with floral arrangements having four different flower colors, make sure one of those colors is white. Having a simple white rose, lily, or aster in your floral arrangement will soften and balance the other three colors. Think of orange, soft blues, and browns together with white or, a mix of white, violet, yellow, and blues.

If you’re still unsure about getting started, try your hand with this designer's choice mixed bouquet,

and enjoy the best personally crafted floral arrangements for your upcoming event.

By - Olivia Turner

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