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Orchids and Placement

What is an orchid?

An orchid is one of the oldest and largest flowering plant families with a vast variety of flowers, spanning about 30,000 species. Native to parts of Asia, these plants are also known as epiphytes, which means that they typically grow on other plants, or a host plant,  without harming it.  With their beautiful hues and different formations, it’s hard not to become mesmerized by these prehistoric flowers.

What type of vase should it be in?

Whichever type of vase you choose to put your orchids in, you must remember to have enough open space towards the bottom to allow the roots to obtain enough air.  Also, this specific plant will benefit greatly from

a vase with a weighted bottom to assist in balancing the orchid as it blooms.   

Where should I place it in my house?

The ideal place to place an orchid would be anywhere that mimics humid conditions in your house.  A South or East facing window is the most ideal split to place it as a window in that area can help control the amount of direct sunlight the plant takes in. The top three spots in your house include the living room,

the dining room, and the bathroom If living in a humid environment such as Florida, you can place this plant outside in the patio and it will do quite well there. 

How to maintain an orchid?

These plants enjoy a lot of indirect sunlight (although some do enjoy direct sunlight).  They thrive in an elevated humidity environment and benefit from a lot of open space where the roots are. They are comfortable in temperatures below 85 degrees. These temperatures and conditions work to create vibrant and healthy blooms for these flowers.  (The easiest of this vast species to maintain is Phalaenopsis as it can tolerate levels of low light and humidity)

Why should you buy an orchid?

While they are one of the oldest flowering plants to exist, they are quite easy to take care of once you understand their needs.  They are quite simple in that, they require a humid environment, enough indirect sunlight,

and a weighted vase with enough space for the roots to gain sufficient air. All these steps contribute to beautiful blooms which are sure to light up your house this year.  This flowering plant, once a very rare commodity can now become part of your home

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