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10 Kinds Of Flower Vase At Home

A flower vase is an aesthetic receptacle for flowers. It can be made of different materials like crystal, clay, paper, beaded, metal, plastic, bricks and cement, wood, and glass. Interestingly, a flower vase can come in a variety of shapes, colors, brands, and sizes.

They are important for beauty and pleasure in the home and are indispensable interior decor objects required to make your space sparkle. Amazingly, a flowerless can fit in anywhere and virtually everywhere; in the office, school, and at home!

Here are 10 kinds of must-have flower vases at home:

Narrow Neck Vase:
This is suitable for large flowers with long stem.

Bud Vase:
A nice fit for all flowers.

Cylinder Vase:
Excellent place for freshly cut flowers.

Cube Vase:
A cube vase is perfect for bouquets.

Glass Vase:
Freshly cut flowers are a great fit for this.

Clay Vase:
A rustic flower would fit into this.

Metal Vase:
With a nice coat, any fresh flower would perfectly fit in.

Bricks and Cement vase:
Great for verandas and lobbies in the home.

Paper Vase:
Nice fit for artificial flowers.

Plastic Vase:
With appropriate coating, it would be suitable for walls and center tables.

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