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How To Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive Longer?

How To Keep Fresh Cut Flowers Alive Longer? Flowers are defined as seed bearings of glistening lovely shades. We all get flowers as gifts on any occasion and stages of convalescence.
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Rainbow Flower

Rainbow Flower Bouquet

Making a fresh bouquet of flowers can be fun and simple, especially when you have the rainbow in mind. But there are endless possibilities as you think about a perfect, multicolor flower bouquet.

So, in order to make the process of choosing different colored flowers easier, here are a few great suggestions.

Choosing Rainbow Flowers

  • Red: This color is ideally represented by Red Roses. However, you can also choose a bold stem of red Snapdragons or Dianthus for beautiful color.
  • Orange: the classic plant choice for orange is the Tiger Lily. Its bright petals are ideal in a multi-color bouquet or solo. Another perfect option is orange Carnations.
  • Yellow: Choose delicate Buttercups or the timeless Sunflower. Both will bring a sunny smile to the face of the receiver.
  • Green: Add in a Fern frond, a blooming Calla Lily, or leaves of any plant for green texture in your best rainbow flower bouquet.
  • Blue: The Cone Flower and Hyacinth are ideal blue additions to a colorful flower bouquet. Simple, with just enough color to increase contrast.
  • Indigo: Irises are your best bet when it comes to the color indigo. The richly colored petals will wow and dazzle with their deep color.
  • Violet: For a more elegant arrangement choose Cyclamen, a unique flower worthy of royalty. Or, you can mix in beautiful homegrown Lilac for a gentle accent.

There we have it, some of the best flower options when arranging a colorful bouquet. Pick two or three colors (or the whole rainbow!) and let this list guide and inspire you while making your rainbow floral design.

Here at NBU Flowers, we love rainbows. Check out our Rainbow Coleus seed mix for your home garden, the Rainbow Funky Veggie Kit, and our Rainbow Roses bouquet.



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