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Growing Bonsai Trees

Growing Bonsai Trees

Growing Bonsai Trees- Bonsai trees have always been marvels of the botanic world. They alone offer the incredible visual of mighty trees at a miniature scale and are an ideal and rewarding challenge for anyone.

However, understanding the following key points before you start growing and tending your bonsai trees will allow you to move forward with long-term success.

  • Tree Type

While practically any woody plant can be trimmed and tended to grow in a miniature form, there are certain trees such as weeping willow, japanese black pine, and chinese elm that have been bonsai tried and tested with incredible success. Purchasing one of these species as an already established bonsai tree can be a gentle introduction to bonsai care.

  • Seed Source

If you are looking for a more challenging experience, you can grow your bonsai from seed. The sourcing of your bonsai seeds can greatly influence your chances of success. Look for trusted non-GMO seeds that come with instructions and guides, multiple seed varieties, and basic supplies. All of these factors ensure the high value, success and authenticity of your bonsai tree growing experience.

  • Bonsai Tools

Finally, in order to properly tend to your bonsai tree you need the correct tools. For example, a set of precise trimmers or multi functioning sheers that can make delicate, clean cuts are absolutely key to the health of your bonsai. In fact, these tools should be at the top of your list because you cannot grow your bonsai without them!

Fortunately, at NBU Flowers we offer established bonsai trees, ideal seed source kits such as Loako or Nature’s Blossom, as well as 100% guaranteed bonsai toolkits. So don’t hesitate, move forward with confidence and become a bonsai tree growing master!

By Olivia Turner

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