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Small Birds In Your Garden

Why to Encourage Small Birds In Your Garden?

Whether you grow a sprawling veggie garden or fill your yard with Hostas and Cleomes, all garden lovers experience the same phenomenon: small birds in your garden.

Indeed, you may be wondering: do small birds hinder or help the health of my garden?

To answer this, one must understand three things about small bird species:  

  • Diet: The diet of small birds consists primarily of weed seeds, beetles, and other small insects.
  • Offspring: Every spring bird parents have a clutch of multiple offspring.
  • Lifespan: Most small birds live for more than 4 years.

And where is better for a small bird with these characteristics to position itself year after year, than close to a dependable garden? For instance, your garden surely offers a paradise of food and shelter. Healthy plants attract pesty (but tasty) insects and create rich soils filled with grubs. Sheltered ground, robust shrubs and tall trees offer ideal homes as well. And small weed seeds are a delightful treat for any small bird. 

In fact, when a small bird species moves into your garden space, the health of your garden is sure to improve!  

Why should you encourage small birds in your garden?

Because these small bird species are more than willing to engage in symbiosis. Truly, they can't help but help your garden. For starters, they will keep away larger, pesty bird species. Secondly, they serve as natural pest controllers that groom your garden constantly for tasty beetles and unwanted insects. Better yet, they can act as effective pollinators for your plants and eat up weeds waiting to germinate.

Without a doubt, your healthy garden will attract small bird species year after year. But don’t worry, these inhabitants can offer years of free, biological pest control and pollination assistance. So put that bird feeder tall and proud in the middle of your garden and welcome small bird species!

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By Olivia Turner

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