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Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers? No Way

Artificial Flowers:

You’ve heard the old argument before.

“Why buy real flowers when they’re going to wilt? Why not buy plastic imitations that will last forever?”

In a time when many consumers have given in and embraced the plastic era, the only way to stand out as a man of integrity is to pick out a genuine living organism. Faux flowers are merely imitators of the fresh succulents you’ll find in a certified floral vendor.

If you brought home a plush puppy instead of a real one, would she be impress? and if you packed a basket of hollow foam peaches for a picnic, would she gasp in delight or depression?

If you want to buy her something made of silk, get her a nice kimono.

If you want polyester in her life, wear a tacky sport coat to your high school anniversary. Worried that the orchid you found will shrivel in fourteen days and be forgot? That, my friend, is the magic of finding another one when the time is right. How else can you renew the love than with a reminder that love isn’t lazy, love doesn’t settle for a one-time purchase, and love takes the risk of losing its flavor, only to be resupplied!

She can smell those constructed poly-blend hydrangeas a mile away. Or rather, not smell them. That’s how she knows. Synthetic sunflowers may never fall to the floor, but in six months’ time, they’ll gather enough dust to choke a puppy. Who has time to clean that?

The truth is, if you’re a man like me, you know what you’re made of. Rich hard soil. Says so in the Bible. And a real flower, like a real man, grows right out of that same nutrient-dense soil. You’re not a fool. You know your time on earth is short. A flower might also kick the bucket one day, but you’re not afraid of your mortality. Until you start pushing up daisies, you know how to bring home the Begonia.

Word of advice:

Leave the fake flowers for the labels of creepy birthday clowns. If Chick Fill A can set out fresh flowers on their dinner tables, so can you. So be the soil-grown, rock-solid tiller of earth she’s always known you to be.

Real flowers take patience and grit to grow, and artisanship to assemble and display. A real flower is dirty, imperfect, and honest. It is what it is, like a simple man. In this day and age, nothing is more sincere than a man showing a woman that he’s here for the long haul, for better or for worse, till death do us part.

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