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The Ultimate Flower And Plant Guide To Say Thank You

Flowers and plants are use for so many different events and emotions and one of them is to say you are thankful for something or someone. If someone has helped you with something or sent you homemade food or took care of you on your low days, the best and cute thing you can do in return to appreciate them and make their day is send something. And what is better than a gorgeous flower bouquet or a small plant that they can take care of themselves? Here is a small guide of the types of flowers you can give someone.

What are the flowers to say thank you?

If you want to show someone gratitude to say thank you for something they did for you, a nice potted plant or a bouquet of flowers is the best way to do so. That feeling of thank you is often express by the following plants and flowers


Roses are known as the flower of love, red roses are often given on occasions like anniversaries, valentines day and more. But to express gratitude and appreciation, a bouquet of pink and peach roses commonly use.


Just as flowers have some symbolic meaning behind it to give someone, some plants also give out symbolic messages. Few of the plants are known to bring good luck. Maranta, also known as praying plant is commonly given as a gift to show gratitude and say thank you. Maranta's are called praying plants as their leaves curl up at night like praying hands and symbolizes positivity.


It is a very nice gesture to give someone a house plant as a gift. Plants are the better gift as they can grow and longer it taken care of, compared to a bouquet of flowers as their bloom lasts a few days or a week. Aloe Vera symbolizes peace and healing. It is a low maintenance plant, needs indirect sunlight and only water when you think the soil is getting dry. Aloe has a lot of beneficial properties and is a good gift to say thank you to someone you care for.


Lilies are the flowers that symbolizes gratitude. If confused what to give someone to say thank you ? Yellow lilies are the best option, its beautiful color and long petals conveys a heartfelt thank you and brings a smile to the face of the receiver.

So whenever you are unsure about what to give someone as a thank you,

get them a plant or bouquet to make them smile with joy.

By  Neha Kamran

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