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Fertilize Indoor Plants

How Often to Fertilize Indoor Plants

How Often to Fertilize Indoor Plants? Tending to all your indoor plants involves more than just picking pots with drainage holes and keeping up with watering schedules. Every indoor plant also requires regular fertilization to ensure continued and healthy growth. 

What is Fertilizer?

In a nutshell, fertilizer is plant food. Other than sunlight and water, all plants also require certain nutrients in order to grow strong roots and shoots. The most common are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Without surprise, these nutrients are abundant in the earth, and when a plant is growing in the ground it can tap into these available nutrients as needed.

Why Your Indoor Plant Needs Fertilizer?

However, when a plant is growing in a pot, the amount of these nutrients in the soil decreases. Your growing houseplant eats them up and there is no way to replenish them. No worries, that's where you, a responsible plant parent, come in!

Manually adding these three important nutrients to the potting soil of your indoor plant ensures they are always available to your plant and will support its yearly growth.

The best fertilizer for indoor plants contains a balanced mix of the aforementioned important nutrients,

and offers steady nutrient release to your growing indoor plant.

Fertilizing Indoor Plants

So, how to properly fertilize indoor plants: During warm weather, adding fertilizer every month is ideal. This will boost the health and growth of your plant by offering nutrients during the plant’s natural growing season. During the winter months, however, your indoor plant is not in its growing phase so you can get by adding nutrients once every two months.

Now you are in the know! So be the best plant parent and choose a fertilizer that allows for gradual soil enrichment, such as Miracle-Gro’s Indoor Plant Food Spikes or Osmocote’s Smart Release Plant Food, both of which are available from the NBU Flowers product page.

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