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Products at Global Rose

Products at Global Rose

Products at Global Rose. As the name implicitly implies, they do offer many different kinds of roses. This subpage is first organized by color and a few other characteristics such as spray or stem and size, which is helpful. In some cases they offer just a basic order of ‘pink spray roses’ or ‘burgundy roses’,

but in others, a customer is able to choose the exact variety of roses they’d like, such as High & Blooming and Hilux. Packages run from 50 to 250 stems, with prices dependent on the kind of roses you purchase and free shipping generally available. Each selection has a column of product information that includes such details as vase life, bloom time, stem length, etc.

Their other main ‘bulk’ category is carnations. It follows the same pattern as the roses, but there is a difference in the number of stems available to buy - 100 to 400 stems is the range here.

Global Rose isn’t nearly so simple as to have only those two options, though. They have an incredible variety of miscellaneous florals, from different kinds of greens to baby’s breath to orchids - even rose petals! And as far as greens go, there’s not just your run-of-the-mill leatherleaf and Ruscus; they have ming, grasses, palms, eucalyptus, dusty miller, and even aralia leaves, which is a pretty decent assortment of many different textures.

Arrangements of Global Rose Products

Pre-made arrangements and bouquets are also offered, and even as personal florals such as boutonnieres and corsages. They’re separated into different categories based on the ‘brand’

of bouquets and different kinds of occasions, including holidays beyond Valentine’s, such as Christmas and Easter. For weddings, there are pre-made centerpieces for sale as well as pre-made bridesmaid’s and bride’s bouquets. Here’s the link to all their wedding florals:

Final Opinion

There really is a decent variety available here, with competitive pricing and good deals on shipping. You could likely find a product for any event you have in mind,

with less trouble and less cost than going through a middleman. I’d say it’s a viable option for anyone looking to order florals!

By - Heather Atkin

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