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Perennial Wildflower Seeds

Perennial Wildflower Seeds Mix

Perennial wildflower seeds mix is in high demand for backyard gardeners wanting to create diverse and pollinator-friendly garden beds. Perennial wildflowers offer diverse flower colors and forms and add a wild spirit to an otherwise polished garden.

Annual Wildflowers vs. Perennial Wildflowers

Before we even start talking about perennial wildflower seeds, it is important to distinguish between annual and perennial wildflowers. One descriptive word makes all the difference!

  • Annual Wildflowers: these are wildflowers that complete their life cycle in one growing season. These plants germinate from seed, produce flowers, and die all in one year.
    • You can collect seeds from your annual wildflowers to sow the next spring
    • Annual wildflowers are a favorite of gardeners that look to change the floral makeup of their flower garden each year
  • Perennial Wildflowers: these are wildflowers that complete their life cycle in two or more growing seasons. They grow from seed and remain in the garden for at least two seasons.
    • When planting perennial wildflowers keep in mind that these are more long-term floral additions to your gardens

Bulk Perennial Wildflower Seeds

If you’re interested in the long-term commitment that perennial wildflowers allow, so you need to find a good perennial flower seed mix source.

  • Look for Live Seeds - these are properly collected seeds that have minimal storage and processing to offer high growing viability, such as this perennial wildflower seed mix.
  • Look for Non-GMO Seeds - This ensures that the pollen, nectar, and seeds are 100% natural, safe for all pollinators, and viable for germination. This seed mix is a great Non-GMO option.
  • Look for High Quantity Perennial Wildflower Seed Mixes - this will ensure that the seed mixes you plant result in a diverse and beautiful mix of perennial wildflowers. This perennial seed mix contains 30k seeds.

By - Olivia Turner

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