White Wedding Flowers

All White Wedding Flowers, Done Three Ways

White Wedding Flowers- There is nothing more classic than an all-white wedding. Whether you are royalty or a regular joe, there are so many ways to play with this seemingly simple palette.


This romantic, traditional style is popular because it looks so good every single time. The garden-style design is achieve by not only bloom selection, but also styling. Garden-style blooms include hyacinth, sweet peas, tulips, garden roses, larkspur, ranunculus, scabiosa, agapanthus, veronica, peonies, lily of the valley, hydrangea, and more. When designing this style, use floaty stems like sweet pea and larkspur to create sweeping, asymmetrical lines. Allow garden roses, ranunculus, and peonies to open completely for wedding day to create a fluffy, soft focal bloom. Pair these luxury stems with dark greeneries to create a stunning contrast. Try foliage such as camellia, ivy, plumosa, salal, or even magnolia for a wintertime look. White Wedding Flowers is beautiful lighting.

This style looks great paired with ornate metallics like silver or gold compotes. Use silk or lace ribbon to finish off bouquets. Wedding guests will the romantic ambience of these flowers, paired with candlelight and a delicious slice of cake.


Whether your customer is looking for Old Hollywood or at Great Gatsby style, an all-white floral palette will be completely perfect for a glam event. Glam is an over-the-top look achieve by mixing metallics, glitter, mirrors, and even feathers with flowers. Choose stems like roses, hydrangea, snapdragons, phalaenopsis orchids, dendrobium orchids, cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, and tulips to achieve this look. Glam designs are usually characterized by large, all-round designs. Imagine walking into a ballroom, full of elevated designs, flush with luscious hydrangea with roses and phalaenopsis orchids to create attractive, eye-catching moments.

This look typically does not utilize greenery to contribute to the aesthetic, but if you need to use greenery to cover mechanics, use understated yet classy foliage like camellia or even green pitt. 


The modern style is achieved by embracing clean lines and simple, understated looks. Instead of mixing stems together in a vase like you would with other styles, modern style designs often use a single bloom type in each vase.




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