Color Trends for 2022

Color Trends for 2022

Color Trends for 2022- Don’t let Pantone be your only source for color news. Now don’t get me wrong, periwinkle purple is a great shade for 2022, and there are lots of flowers that walk the line between blue and purple that deserve the spotlight, but this won’t be the only popular look for 2022.

Pantone’s Very Peri: Color Trends for 2022

While this might be a hard sell for 2022’s wedding season, it’s possible we will see it get more popular in upcoming years. For next year, Very Peri will make its impact in retail flower shops’ design work. Blue is a rare color in flowers, so most “blue” flowers are exactly this dark periwinkle shade. Try blue anemones, blue hyacinth, agapanthus, veronica, blue vandas, ageratum, allium, iris, muscari, and thistle. These purple-blue shades look fantastic in contrast with orange (think Birds of Paradise) or in a blue, white, and green palette. It’s also a terrific shade to include in a Dutch Master’s style palette, where the palette is traditionally more liberal. Think popping shades of seasonal blooms in red, yellow, white, and blue. 


Terracotta-clay tones have quickly become one of the most popular colors for weddings. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult color to find in flowers. Some designers have been using spray paint or floral tint to get their desired color.  Mostly, designers choose a variety of shades from burnt orange, dark tan, and mauve to create overall appearance.

Obviously, roses are a popular bloom for weddings. Some popular varieties include Coffee Break,  Cappuccino, and Matilda. Mix with plum astrantia, chocolate queen anne’s lace, millet, anthurium, chrysanthemums, and dried flowers like pampas and limelight hydrangea. Color Trends for 2022

Clay looks terrific in contrast to blue-green foliage like eucalyptus and dusty miller.


Yes, this never-ending trend will continue to be present in 2022. Whether it’s paired with white and peach, like it has been for the past five years, or as a supporting color to clay tones, blush still works.

Brides love this soft, romantic shade for good reason. It is a great way to add dimension and interest to an all-white palette or soften otherwise more colorful palettes, such as peaches and corals. Some favorite blush blooms include Cloni Ranunculus, Majolika Spray Roses, Quicksand Roses, White O’Hara Garden Roses, Butterfly Ranunculus, astilbe, scabiosa, and even certain carnation varieties.

It will be an exciting year for flowers, thanks to the current wedding boom. I can’t wait to see what surprise colors take over in 2022.

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