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Top Seven Best Selling Flowers

Top Seven Best Selling Flowers

What are the best selling flowers on the market today? This article will discuss what the best selling cut flowers in the US are.

  1. Tulip
  2. Oriental Lily
  3. Daisy
  4. Asiatic Lily
  5. Rose
  6. Iris
  7. Sunflower

Flowers have a way of adding something special to almost any setting. The combination of beauty and pleasant fragrance never disappoints. so Thankfully, in today's age, flowers of all kinds can be obtained without too much trouble. In contrast, to get an oriental Lily in the past, one would need to have traveled to Japan.


Tulips are a classic flower that has long been a fan favorite. Tulips have an almost animated look about them that can add an artistic touch to any room. and Tulips are known for their bright colors and bluish-green leaves as they emerge from the earth.

Oriental Lily

The Lily flower appears twice on this list. but The oriental variety comes from the Japanese area. These flowers are white, yellow, or pink.


Most people could’ve guessed that the Daisy flower would make this list. but Daisies are a beautiful white, circular flower with a yellow center.

Asiatic Lily

The Asiatic Lily is the second Lily plant on this list, and it’s right near the top like its cousin. This plant, as the name suggests, comes from the Asia region. and It can come in almost any color except blue.


The Rose is another expected member of this list. Roses are a classic flower with a lovely scent. Red roses are long known to represent love and romance.


Irises are beautiful purple plants that grab attention easily. so They are name after the Greek word for rainbow.


Everybody knows and loves sunflowers. Because Sunflowers are giant plants that leave people in awe upon seeing them.


So, what are you waiting for?so Go out and pick one of these winning, popular flowers today! Some beautiful flowers you may order for any occasion at NBU flowers.

By Ben Griffin

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Thinking of You!

Thinking of You!

Thinking of You- It’s 2:00 pm on a workday. You’re at work typing away and your mind strays away to a certain someone. You haven’t been able to get a text or a call out to them, but your mind keeps running on them.  

So, what do you do?  Do you call and say “Hey! What’s going on? My mind has been on you recently.”Well, you can but that would look even better with a beautiful, vibrant bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers! What else could say how much you’re thinking of someone other than a beautiful bunch of vibrant flowers?

Why is buying flowers a gesture of “thinking of someone?”

This is a beautiful gesture when thinking of someone as flowers can bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Researchers have linked receiving flowers with a long-lasting positive mood.  If you’ve been thinking of that person, especially if they’re a long-time friend or relative chances are they might have been going through a bit of a rough time somewhere in their life. 

So, whether it be a vase full of fresh roses, lilies, daisies, or any other favorites, these are sure to bring a smile to your person that they can’t get rid of too easily!

Can I get someone a plant?

Oh absolutely! Plants are a great way to give longevity to that relationship with that special someone.  With it already potted, you have roots already growing within the plant and with the proper amount of care, you can continue to cultivate more plants over time! Along with learning to propagate your plant you can learn more about your plant over time

and slowly start to create your own little collection of green friends!

What’s better, a plant or a bunch of flowers?

This depends more on the type of person you are sending this to as well as how long you would like them to keep the flowers.  If you would like them to have some beautiful blooms for just about a week or two then the bunch of flowers freshly cut at the stem would be a perfect addition to their house or workplace.  However, if you want something a little more long-lasting and greener as opposed to floral, then a potted plant would be the way to go. 

This also depends on how much time you think that person will have to take care of the plant.  If they’re a rather busy person and always on the go traveling, a bouquet might be the best option as they will get to enjoy it for that time being, and then when they’re on the go, they will always have that memory of it as well as some beautiful pictures they took of those flowers!

You may order beautiful plants or fresh flowers for him/her -

By Krystal Ramsaran

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Best Selling Flowers

Best Selling Flowers

If you want to send a bouquet of flowers that will make an impression, best selling flowers are often the perfect choice. Not only are they popular with every recipient, but they're also easy to find at most florists and never fail to impress!

While we tend to think of flowers as being exclusively purchased for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother's Day, many people purchase fresh flowers every week during the growing season.

Every year, more than half of all U.S. households (56 percent) purchase cut flowers, spending $9 billion on them.

Organic Flowers is a new business that has started up in order to meet this demand. The company grows and delivers locally grown organic cut flowers directly to customers, with no middlemen to offend. This not only saves customers money but also helps to protect the environment. 

Carnations, daisies, and roses are the most popular flowers in the United States. They are also among the world's most cultivated flowers. The demand for these three comes from their versatility as well as their beauty.

Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) Best Selling Flowers-

Carnations are popular flowers in the United States. Carnations originated in Europe, and the most common flower color is red, but they can also be found in other colors. The name Carnation comes from the Latin word caro meaning flesh, which refers to its soft texture. There are special cultivars of carnations that have an improved color combination and more intense color. These improvements make carnations a perfect choice for flower bouquets.

Daises (Bellis perennis)

Daisies have been the most popular flower in the UK for over a decade. The daisy is a plant with wide range of uses and it has been use both as an ornamental plant, as well as in food and medicine. Daisies are best known for their role in mythology and literature, because of their resemblance to the sun.

It was believed that daisy flowers could heal eye diseases and were also used as a remedy for headaches. The flower symbolizes innocence, joy and purity. In some parts of the world, it is believe that daisy flowers bring good fortune and wealth.

Roses ( Rosa)

Roses, which are also referre to as Rosa, are a genus of flowers that come in different colors, sizes and shapes. Rose has had an important place in history due to their beauty and fragrance. This is what makes them the best selling flowers by far.

Roses belong to the family of Rosaceae and there are over 100 species. They can be placed in 12 genera with over 20,000 cultivars grown all over the world. Roses are used as decorative plants and are exported world wide. The most popular varieties include Hybrid Tea Roses, Ramblers, Climbing Roses, and Polyanthas.

By choosing one of these bestselling flowers, you can be assure that your bouquet is going to look great and make a statement. If you'd like to send flowers to someone special in the coming weeks, these are some great choices!

Choose and order fresh and beautiful flowers and bouquets for your loved ones- 

Beautiful stems of lavender, roses, Daisys, and white Alstroemerias
20 stem Rainbow Mini Carnations, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers)
Fresh Flowers - Purple Dendrobium Orchids
Charming Bouquet, Fresh Cut Flowers
50 Assorted Roses- Two Colors- Fresh Flowers

By Emma Reeds

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Flower for Wife

Flower for Wife

Are you looking for an easy way to show your wife that she means the world to you?  Are you looking to buy your wife a gift? What kind of flower do you think your wife would like the most?

Some men show their love for their wife by creating special gifts. Some gifts are expensive, but some are just simple things that cost very little but mean a lot to the receiver.

Flower for Wife its best gift

It can be a great idea to buy flowers for your wife on her special day. Flowers make her feel special and loved. They are also a nice way to say “thank you” for all the things she does for you. However, she may not like every kind of flower. Some women only like roses, others prefer lilies, and some don’t want to receive flowers at all.

Many husbands can’t afford to buy expensive gifts or flowers, so they express their love with a homemade bouquet of flowers. Flowers don’t have to come from a florist. They can be grown at home if you have the right information on how to do it and what is the best flower to grow for your wife.

We have the right suggestions just for the purpose. Check out our selection of flowers, plants, and gifts.

  1. Benchmark Bouquets 20 stem Rainbow Mini Carnations, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers): Your Anniversary is around the corner, but you're thinking of getting her some beautiful flowers for your anniversary. Our long-lasting Rainbow Mini Carnation bunch is the perfect choice to send a simple, yet long-lasting, bundle of cheerful blooms. This bold bunch of fresh flowers will brighten up any room and is sure to satisfy for days to come. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  2. 1 Gal. Bloomerang Dark Purple Reblooming Lilac (Syringa) Live Shrub, Purple Flowers: Your wife is just starting a flower business, or probably she's a fan of beautiful flowers. Get her our beautiful but delicate flower to add beauty and fragrance to your gardens from spring to fall.

Flowers are one of the best ways to show your loved ones that you care. If you want to surprise your wife with something she will never forget, consider getting her a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our online store today.

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How to Keep Birthday Bouquet Fresh

How to Keep Birthday Bouquet Fresh

When it comes to birthday bouquets, there are many. The bouquets consist of many flowers to make it up. For adults and kids, they could be fun. They make the patients in the hospitals feel great worldwide. When you see bouquets in stores they are wrapped up. In fact, they are wrapped up no matter where you see them. Believe it or not, there are some in homes that are still that way.  Here are 3 tips to help you do so. Especially, if you have flowers.

Birthday Bouquet: 1.Cut the stem to a 45-degree angle. 

This angle allows for the greater surface area and corresponding increase water uptake.

2.Clean the water Daily

Change it every 2-3 day. Flowers need to drink a lot of water. The difference they have no choice. Only you have it. It is not uncommon for a large arrangement to suck up water. No matter if it is a vase or flower pot. Water is life for us and life for flowers.

3.Use the Flower Food

You could make this homemade or you could buy it. Flowers need food just like they need water. To make this use water of course, just add lemon juice in it, one tablespoon of sugar and bleach.

Bouquets require a lot of the thing's humans do. We need food, water and sometimes, we need to be cut. Cut to allow just the right measures inside. Flowers stay fresh gardens due to the face that gardeners water it. They feed it properly. They go out and cut it. The bad ones they weed them out from the root. In addition to the tips, keep them in a cool temperature. Keep them from direct sunlight as well. You want to repeat these steps every day.

You can gift beautiful bouquets on the occasion of the Birthday of your loved ones-
Lovepop Birthday Flower Bouquet
Red Roses Flower Bouquet-12 Red Roses
Real Fresh Roses Flowers That Last a Year and More

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Flowers For My Girlfriend

Flowers For My Girlfriend

Flowers For My Girlfriend- Are you looking for a way to express your love? Are you looking to surprise your girlfriend?... Or maybe you're looking for the right gift for your girlfriend?

If you're looking for a way to show her how much she means to you and are thinking about sending her flowers, then we can help! We'll give you some suggestions on what flowers to send, when it's best to send them, and where to shop. After all there's more than one florist out there!

When it comes to romance, guys don’t seem to get it quite right. They might think that the most important part of a gift is the price tag, but girls are more interested in the thought and effort behind it.  We'll help put together the perfect gift for your girl, and how you can make her feel like a princess.

When you’re picking out flowers for your girlfriend, it really is all about the thought behind them. She will love that you took the time to pick out something just for her, so don’t go with something you just bought at the store. Think about what makes her happy. If she loves pink, then go ahead and get her some pink flowers.

Here are some of our Dainty delicate flowers for your Girlfriend

  1. Benchmark Bouquets 20 stem Rainbow Mini Carnations, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers): Our long-lasting Rainbow Mini Carnation bunch is the perfect choice to send a simple, yet long-lasting, bundle of cheerful blooms. This bold bunch of fresh flowers will brighten up any room and is sure to satisfy for days to come. This elegant flower is a perfect fit for your girl.
  2. Benchmark Bouquets 12 Stem Assorted Asiatic Lilies, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers): Send this beautiful assorted lily bouquet to girl and a burst of colors will bloom before her eyes. Shipped in bud form, these vibrant blooms are guaranteed to stay fresh for at least seven days!

Hopefully, these suggestions will help make your shopping experience easy and stress free. We know how difficult it is to find the right gift at the last minute. So happy shopping and don't forget to let us know how everything turns out!

By Emma Reeds

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Peonies are Forever

Peonies are Forever

Legend has it that Zeus saved Paeon, the Greek goddess of healing, by turning her into a flower, the peony, after her teacher Asclepius, the god of medicine, went on a jealous rampage against her. While the exact origin is difficult to determine, we know for a fact that it has been a regular in gardens of Eurasia since the times of the ancient civilizations, often because it was used in the medicinal traditions of these cultures.

When talking about peonies, it is important to distinguish between the tree and the herbaceous varieties. The latter is the most common and well-known. Herbaceous means that the plant does not develop woody stems above the ground. For the tree varieties, it's the opposite, meaning that they can grow a little taller - up to 6 feet - in ideal conditions. Keep in mind, however, that although tree peony is the common name of the variety, it does not resemble a tree as we usually refer to it. In reality, they look like bright and colorful shrubs.

Within the tree and herbaceous peonies varieties, we can also draw distinctions according to the types of flowers they produce. In all cases, these varieties can bloom in many shades of pink, white, yellow, orange, red, and even purple:

  • Single: one row of broad petals
  • Bomb: a single row of broad petals encircles a dense pompon of narrower inward-facing petals
  • Double: the flower only consists of many broad petals
  • Semi-double: a double row of broad petals intertwines with the stamens
  • Anemone: a double row of broad petals encircles a pompon of thin outward-reaching narrower petals
  • Japanese: a single or double row encircles enlarged staminodes

Peonies are perennial plants, meaning that they can survive for more than two years. The herbaceous variety can propagate by dividing the roots when the plant is about to go into hibernation and replanting these 2 inches below the soil’s surface. Although the flowers only have a short blooming season of a little over a week, it is often said that if planted in an ideal location: in well-drained soil on a spot with at least 6 hours of sunshine per day, peonies can live for more than 100 years with minimum care.

These delicate and fragrant flowers symbolize love, romance, and beauty, possibly even more so than roses. Indeed it is not by mistake that they are by far the most popular flower at weddings.

Some of the beautiful flowers you may order for any occasions and for indoor and outdoor plants-
White Peony Wreath
Mixed Peony Value Bag
Bridal Wedding Bouquet

By Victor Medina Pierluisi

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How to Choose Perfect Flowers for Anniversary?

How to Choose Perfect Flowers for Anniversary?

Anniversary flowers- First wedding anniversaries are always full of excitement and happiness, as you celebrate the whole year of togetherness. For every year there are different kinds of flowers that you can give your spouse to show love and affection. You can also give flowers according to your own liking or has a meaning behind it between you and your spouse. The tiny little details of you remembering, is ,most thoughtful and romantic  gift ever. As per research few of the following flowers are known to be given in different years of marriage.

1st year, Carnation: Anniversary flowers

Because of their full bloom and beautiful colors, Carnations are symbolized as young, passionate love, and they’re perfect for newlyweds! That is why they are known to be given on the first anniversaries.

2nd year, Cosmos: Anniversary flowers

For the second anniversary, couples have a deeper understanding and love so, Cosmos are the perfect choice as for their beautiful color, that perfectly describes the young marriage.

3rd year, Sunflowers: Anniversary flowers

Strong and sturdy, just like the stem of Sunflower. Couples have stronger bond then ever and symbolize loyalty and longevity. Hence, the Sunflowers are ideal to give to your partner.

4th year, Geranium:

 For the fourth anniversary, These flowers are super pretty and delicate and will add something extra unique life to your anniversary bouquet, and they also represent the husband and wife coming together as mind, body and spirit.

5th year, Daisy:

For the fifth anniversary, Daisy looks so pure and elegant to give to your partner as they also represent elegant nature and peace. This beautiful flower may look simple, but it brings happiness to your event and is perfect for your fifth anniversary.

10th year, Daffodil:

These beautiful bright flowers are perfect to celebrate your first decade of marriage, as it is a huge milestone for both husband and wife with so many beautiful memories together. Daffodil has this bright yellow color that is as perfect as your love for each other. And they look absolutely beautiful when arranged together in a bouquet.

15th year, Rose:

For your 15th Anniversary, As it is a huge milestone of your marriage that should be celebrated in style. There is no other flower more passionate and romantic than a red Rose. After 15 years couples have been through all the good and bad, so red roses are the perfect way to show your love is still strong and passionate as it was on your first Anniversary.

20th year, Aster:

Aster is a unique and beautiful colored flower, which was also believed to have some properties that give wisdom and knowledge in ancient times. Adding this flower in your bouquet with other flowers symbolizes how much that  person means to you and

how much you appreciate them and how much you both have learned about each other, in these two decades of marriage.

25th year, Iris:

Iris is a flower known to be given on the 25th anniversary as it shows strength , courage and love of your relationship. As you has come quarter of the century with the love of your life, to celebrate that achievement Iris is a perfect flower to add in your bouquet.

50th year, Yellow Roses & Violets:

5o years of marriage is a huge and amazing accomplishment. You have seen all the good and bad times with your partner and stood strong toghether.To celebrate this, there are two flowers that compliment this occasion and those are yellow roses and violets. You can pair them together as they compliment each other perfectly.



See and order fresh and beautiful flower bouquet for your dear ones for any occasion.

Yellow Roses Flower Bouquet
Magenta/Lavender Bi-Colored Roses Flower Bouquet
50 Assorted Roses

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Flower Spotlight: Lilies

Flower Spotlight: Lilies

What are lilies?

Lilies are perennial herbaceous plants that can reach heights of up to 6 ft. Lilies produce large fragrant flowers of or more than one color with brushstroke or spot patterns. In the wild, lilies can be found mostly in the temperate woodlands and mountainous regions of Eurasia, with some species adapting to the warmer climates of India, south-east Asia, and the Philippines. Many common flowers include “lilye” in their name even though they are not realities (like the water lily). To consider a “true lilye” it must belong to the genus Lilium. With over 90 different species, there are so many to choose from!

What kinds of lilies exist?

Lilies have been bred throughout history into several hybrids with distinct characteristics:

  • Asiatic hybrids: Produce unscented, outward-facing flowers.
  • Martagon hybrids: The flowers are curved strongly outwards into a shape commonly known as “Turkish-cap”
  • Euro-Caucasian hybrids
  • American hybrids: The plants are generally very tall, and the flowers sometimes bloom in clumps.
  • Longiflorum hybrids: These varieties are grown commercially to be used as flower crops, meaning you will find them in bouquets but not in gardens.
  • Trumpet liliese: The flowers have long petals and they are facing slightly downwards. These produce a strong scent, usually in the evenings.
  • lilies: The plant tends to be tall, with large, fragrant, and upward-facing flowers.


How can I grow lilies?

While mostly considered a garden flower, lilies can also be grown indoors. If that is the case, keep in mind that some hybrids of lilie are toxic to cats, producing kidney failure even from the pollen brushing against their fur. Double-check with a local florist or veterinarian if the variety you have chosen is safe for them.

Lilies usually propagate by dividing the while the plant is dormant. In soil with a pH of about 6.5, they should plant in the fall at a depth of 2 to 3 times the size of the bulb. During the growing season, water them frequently, especially if rain has been scarce. Expect them to bloom once a year, between late spring and early summer.

When should I offer?

Because they are naturally present in large parts of the Old World, lilies are important to many cultures. The Easter lilye is particularly special for Christians during the spring. For the French, it is the national flower, after long having been a symbol of the country’s royalty. Signifying purity and innocence, white liliese often offer in funerals, symbolizing the return to innocence of the soul of the deceased.

Choose from the wide collection of beautiful, bright and assorted flowers-

Assorted Peruvian Lilies (With Vase)
12 Stem Assorted Asiatic Lilies
Stargazer Oriental Lilies

By Victor Medina Pierluisi.

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How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh at Home

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh at Home

How do you keep them fresh when you cut your flowers, whether from the florist, or market, or as a gift? Many people will plunk a penny into a water container with flowers in it. That does not simply work. We will show you what works and how you can keep your flowers fresh for longer at home.

Cut the Stem

A vascular system in the stems of flowers pulls water and nutrients for the blooms. Air can get into the stems if you don’t cut them. This can make it hard for the water to get in. Use very sharp scissors or pruning shears, and cut at least one-half inch off the bottom of the stems to make sure you’re cutting away any air bubbles that might be there. It’s a good idea to do this if your flowers come in a box or are tied with a rubber band.

Place Them in Water Quickly

Speed things up by cutting the stems under the water to keep air from getting into the stems. It’s also fine to put the flowers in a vase of water right away after you cut them. Put your bouquet together first. Then cut the stems and put them in a bowl of water.

Watch the Water Temperature

Don’t place flowers in hot water. Blooms from bulbs like anemones, daffodils, and tulips, survive if the water is below room temperature because they are winter flowers. Generally, the water should be at room temperature.

Remove Excess Foliage

If there are dead plants or extra leaves and flowers touching the water, remove them entirely from the water or the flower. Otherwise, they will rot quickly and spread bacteria that will make the flowers die off.

Avoid Sunlight

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when they are not in the soil, flowers should be kept in cool environments at all times, away from heating ducts and vents.

Change the Water

Change the water every three days and wash out the vase. That will flush out bacteria. You should also trim another half-inch off the stems while changing the water.

Use Flower Food

If your flowers come with “flower food,” you should feed them. Most flower food has sugar to help the flowers grow, acid to keep the water’s pH level stable, and a little bleach to get rid of bacteria and fungi in the vase water. All three help to keep the flowers alive for a longer time.

These tips will help you keep your flowers fresh for longer. Keep your floral decorations up as long as you want.

Click and order for fresh and beautiful Cut Flowers-
Fresh Cut Tinted Green Roses
Fresh Cut Blue Lollipop Roses

By Elizabeth Aremu

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10 Flowers That You Can Grow At Home

10 Flowers That You Can Grow At Home

Vibrant and colorful flowers make any garden appear beautiful. But caring for flowers can be scary for a new gardener or a busy person at home. Flowering plants don’t need a lot of space. Here are ten flowers that you can grow at home:

Easy to Grow Flowers At Home

1. Hoya Carnosa- Grow Flowers

These plants, also called wax plants, should be at the top of your list if you want plants that look good and can easily grow inside. Do well in many different climates, and they can also be used in low-light situations. The waxy star-shaped buds are a big part of this tropical house plant that people notice.

2. Marigolds- Grow Flowers

Marigolds are an excellent choice for people looking for easy plants to grow at home. Marigold is an annual flower, and it grows all year round. You can enjoy the marigold through all seasons. There are four color varieties: Shades of yellow, red, gold, and mixed hue.Marigolds grow up to a height of 6 inches to 3 feet tall.

Marigold is one of many people’s choices because it grows quickly from seed, and they use it to repel mosquitoes both in the garden and on the window sill. The only thing is that Marigold cannot survive in low light.

3. Gladiolus

Gladioli are great for adding height and romance to floral arrangements because of their bright, long stems. With modern hybrids like Gladiolus “Tango” and “Green Star,” your vase will have a whole new set of colors that are both modern and fresh. There are many options. As soon as the lower two or three florets start to open, cut the gladiolus flowers. But try to leave as many leaves as possible to help the bulb growth for next year.  

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is a perennial flower with a beautiful fragrance. Jasmin plants are best planted between the end of autumn and spring. You can grow from seeds or use a 6-inch long jasmine branch at the beginning of the summer when the flowers begin to bloom and transfer to a balcony or garden. The jasmine thrives in low light.

5. Anthurium

There are a lot of different colors for these heart-shaped plants. They can be red or white, pink or purple, or even red and white. and also easy to grow inside and bloom all year long. They like indirect light, wet weather, and soil that isn’t too dry, so they do well. Parents and pet owners, be careful with these pretty plants because they can be dangerous if they get into your food. 

6. Gloxinia

This plant’s cousin is in the same family as African violets. It has pretty, frilly flowers and leaves that are dark green. Winter is a good time for nurseries, florists, and even some grocery stores to have these things. They like bright, screened sunlight and soil that isn’t too wet. They also don’t like getting their leaves wet. These flowers bloom for about two months. They’re known for being picky about reblooming.

7. Hydrangeas

Bright-leaved plants are great additions to your garden in the spring when they start to bloom independently. Hydrangeas can live for a long time if you keep their soil moist and put them in direct sunlight. The plants will look great in your home if these two things are true.

8. Cyclamen

New blooms keep coming up for months. The flowers come in pink, lilac, red, or white, floating on heart-shaped leaves. They love lots of sunlight but can thrive at room temperature between 60 and 70 degrees. If it’s warmer than that, the leaves start to turn yellow and die off. 

9. Phalaenopsis Orchid

These orchids look fragile, but they aren’t as fragile as they seem. They’ll bloom for a long time and can live for years with very little attention. This flower likes bright, indirect sunlight and plenty of water. 

10. Kalanchoe

This succulent has glossy green leaves and flower clusters that last for weeks. The bright red, yellow, pink, or orange flower clusters are some colors you can have. It thrives in bright indirect sunlight.

You may order some of the beautiful fresh flowers, Bouquet for any occasion.
Beautiful Fresh Flowers 4 Different Colors
Fresh Flowers Gift - Charming Fresh Cut Flowers

By Elizabeth Aremu

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Why Is A Flower Bouquet The Best Gift For Any Occasion?

Why Is A Flower Bouquet The Best Gift For Any Occasion?


Since the dawn of civilizations, flowers have been a token of love, friendship, reverence, and even mourning. Their dainty, yet ubiquitous presence in every state of affairs, steeped in symbolism and ritual, has well made its way down to us through several centuries. A flower bouquet is appropriate for practically every occasion and the most convenient yet heartfelt form of present too.

No one can deny the emotions and sensitivity attached to a special flower bouquet, which makes everyone adore them.

Cutting across vastly different cultures and religions, flowers feature in every ceremony. Be it the bright hues of vermillion, crimson and yellow of roses,

sunflowers, and daisies that signify warmth and new beginnings or the snowy whites of orchids and gerbera that convey softness and purity; flowers are the best way to emote without using words.

At NBU Flowers, we cherish the timelessness of bouquets as a solidification of human emotions. You can find here bouquet to communicate every sentiment so that your gesture speaks louder than your words.

So what makes flower bouquets the perfect present?

Flowers wilt, but in terms of meaningfulness, they are evergreen. Nothing conveys a message with a greater spirit of bona fide than a carefully assorted bouquet.

A gesture of understanding and conveying true feelings

A bouquet has been emblematic of love and care, but it can be custom-made to serve the purpose of communicating a diverse range of feelings. Not all of us are great at communication, and not all messages can be expressed through dialogue. In these circumstances, nothing puts the point across more than a heartfelt message in the form of a bouquet.

What's even more interesting is that the same species can often be representative of conflicting emotions.

The classic ruby hue of the rose that is often associated with passion and romantic love is also presented at the grave of a loved one.

White lilies, quaint, fragile yet beautiful, are presented in a round bouquet to foster the restoration of innocence in the deceased's soul. They also symbolize rejuvenation and are use in weddings too.

A bouquet to brighten up the day

It does not have to be your special day for you to be holding a beautiful and compact posy bouquet in your hands. So many of us (might I add myself to the list as well!)

buy ourselves a bouquet at the end of a tough day,

and it is a beautiful act of self-care that should be normalize and done more often.

When it comes to conveying an apology for hurting someone close to us, a bouquet of poly-chromatic Geraniums or regal blossoms of Iris makes the message a lot more wholesome and genuine.

Feathery carnations in pink and white have been designate as a Mother's Day staple and will win hearts over an expensive and gaudy present any day.

Aesthetic decoration in interiors as well as exteriors

A bouquet is magical in transforming the atmosphere wherever it is place, which is why many people carry small round bouquets of kaleidoscopic garden roses, dahlias, tulips,

and sunflowers to their workstations every morning. It works wonders when it comes to infusing a spirit of positivity and optimism!

An exotic contemporary bouquet of orchids and delphiniums is perfect for taking as housewarming presents to birthdays and anniversaries.

A refined and polished Tussie-mussies bouquet of roses, carnations, daisies, and magnolia can be arrange into an extraordinary centerpiece decoration.

Pomanders (essentially resembling a bath loofah!) are an assortment of sunflowers, roses, daisies, and other varieties that can be hung from corners as a part of an elaborate decor.

Everyone deserves a flower! best flower bouquet

Cutting across a range of budgets, a bouquet can be tailor-made into an affordable range for everyone. After all, flowers don't discriminate amongst givers and recipients!

Simple, rustic yet elegant hand-tied bouquets assembled with a thread or a fabric of choice and single stem flowers of rose and hydrangea are excellent choices to emphasize on the adage of 'A Little goes a long way.'

NBU Flowers is a one-stop destination for all kinds of personalized bouquets. You can find here bouquet in every arrangement, whether it is a chic and fashionable fan bouquet or a traditional shower bouquet.

A perfect, fuss-free way to say ' I care'

Sometimes no matter how long you have known a person, you end up breaking your head to come up with the most appropriate present for them. It is neither redundant nor silly, let alone offensive! You might not be able to understand the style of their clothing or their size,

if they're allergic to the walnut brownies you've been thinking of buying them or if the reason why they don't wear a watch is probably, because they don't like the fit of a watch on their wrist!

But a bouquet of sanguine hydrangea, roses, or

Asiatic lilies will neither trigger any latent allergy of theirs nor fail to bring a smile across their lips.

You can find here bouquet for every occasion- best flower bouquet

We at NBU Flowers are highly sensitiz to the needs of our customers and put our best foot forward to deal with every situation with a neatly arranged flower bouquet. We specialize in all kinds of flower arrangements to convey your feelings from the very depths of your heart. Our meticulous selection and organization, aimed at various price points, will enable you to leave a suitable impression on others.

Order beautiful 100 Assorted Roses-

Get 12 Stems - Fresh Cut Blue Lollipop Roses-

Birthday Flower Bouquet-

Bud Wooden Roses Bouquet-

Designer's Choice Mixed Bouquet (With Vase)-

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