Rainbow Flower

Rainbow Flower Bouquet

Making a fresh bouquet of flowers can be fun and simple, especially when you have the rainbow in mind. But there are endless possibilities as you think about a perfect, multicolor flower bouquet.

So, in order to make the process of choosing different colored flowers easier, here are a few great suggestions.

Choosing Rainbow Flowers

  • Red: This color is ideally represented by Red Roses. However, you can also choose a bold stem of red Snapdragons or Dianthus for beautiful color.
  • Orange: the classic plant choice for orange is the Tiger Lily. Its bright petals are ideal in a multi-color bouquet or solo. Another perfect option is orange Carnations.
  • Yellow: Choose delicate Buttercups or the timeless Sunflower. Both will bring a sunny smile to the face of the receiver.
  • Green: Add in a Fern frond, a blooming Calla Lily, or leaves of any plant for green texture in your best rainbow flower bouquet.
  • Blue: The Cone Flower and Hyacinth are ideal blue additions to a colorful flower bouquet. Simple, with just enough color to increase contrast.
  • Indigo: Irises are your best bet when it comes to the color indigo. The richly colored petals will wow and dazzle with their deep color.
  • Violet: For a more elegant arrangement choose Cyclamen, a unique flower worthy of royalty. Or, you can mix in beautiful homegrown Lilac for a gentle accent.

There we have it, some of the best flower options when arranging a colorful bouquet. Pick two or three colors (or the whole rainbow!) and let this list guide and inspire you while making your rainbow floral design.

Here at NBU Flowers, we love rainbows. Check out our Rainbow Coleus seed mix for your home garden, the Rainbow Funky Veggie Kit, and our Rainbow Roses bouquet.



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The world pandemic has changed everyone's life in one or the other way. So much has changed in these 2 years, some lost their jobs,

Some lost their loved ones from this illness, and more or less it affected every single person worldwide. It is already not easy to be sick but on top of that you have to isolate yourself from everyone and everything and to only think about that gives us anxiety. For someone who is going through this situation,

here is a small guide on how to make their quarantine a little better and bring joy to their life.

Giving gifts is always the best way to express your emotions and that you care for that person. Sending them homemade food is always the best option and with that adding a bunch of flowers can bring a smile to their faces.


If your partner gets sick and they have to isolate themselves in a room and that’s not easy for anyone, to cheer them up a little you can arrange a cute little care package for them, that includes roses or you can mix roses with any fresh seasonal flowers and make a beautiful bouquet for them with a handwritten note letting them know that you care about them. And some chocolates, nobody can go wrong with some sweets. If you want to send flowers to your friends or family who are unwell you have a variety to choose from,

but sunflowers are a good option and are known to be happy flowers and bring joy to the receiver. Their bright yellow petals are the perfect get-well-soon gift.


You can shop the bouquets from here nbuflowers


By- Neha Kamran

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Grow Wildflowers

How to Grow Wildflowers?

Growing wildflowers is a wonderful idea. Not only because wildflowers provide dynamic and seasonal beauty, but also because they are some of the best pollinator-friendly plants. In fact, if you want to start a pollinator garden, mixing in wildflowers is the surest way to make your garden enjoyable to a large range of pollinators.

Wildflowers Seeds in Bulk

Your first step in growing wildflowers is to buy seeds. Fortunately, there are many bulk seed sources, with some offering special wildflower seed mixes that contain shade tolerant plants as well as perennial plant mixes. You can even create a focused wildflower garden and grow seed mixes that support specific endangered pollinators, such as monarch butterflies.

How to Grow Wildflowers in a Garden?

Growing wildflower in your outdoor garden requires three simple steps:

  1. Choose an area that corresponds with the growing requirements and soil type of the wildflowers chosen.
  2. Clear any choking grass and weeds from this area and then follow planting instructions on the seed packet.
  3. Continue to weed and water your outdoor garden weekly, practicing patience while the wildflowers grow!

How to Grow Wildflowers in Pots?

What if you only have a small balcony or porch but still want to enjoy the beauty of wildflowers?

No worries, you can successfully grow wildflowers in pots! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose large and deep pots with good drainage, such as this self-draining 10” pot. This will help you avoid root rot and ensure the most room for strong root growth.
  2. Fill pots with rich, fertilized soil or an indoor potting mix.
  3. Don’t overseed your pot. Start off planting 10-12 wildflower seeds per large pot for starters.
  4. Water your wildflowers diligently and make sure they get at least a few hours of sunlight daily.

Don’t hesitate, start growing wildflower today!

By - Olivia Turner

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Flowers For My Boyfriend

Flowers For My Boyfriend

I am not sure if I should get flowers for my boyfriend. He is always telling me to stop spending money on him, but it seems like he appreciates them. So I was wondering if you have any advice on this matter.

This might be a tough decision because it's difficult to tell how your significant other will perceive receiving flowers from you in the first place. Your best course of action is to gauge their reaction before just making assumptions about what they want and need from you in general.

Flowers are a great gift for any occasion. They can use to show someone that you care and love them. Flowers can give as a thank you, congratulations, or apology.  They can give on Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, or even just because!

The best flowers to give your boyfriend are the ones that mean something special to him. For example if he loves baseball then getting him some roses is perfect because they represent the color of his team!

It is important to be thoughtful about your choice of flowers because different flowers have different meanings. I you want to show that you care, then choosing the right flower is important.

Here are some of our Dainty delicate flowers for your boyfriend

  1. Benchmark Bouquets 20 stem Rainbow Mini Carnations, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers): Our long-lasting Rainbow Mini Carnation bunch is the perfect choice to send a simple, yet long-lasting, a bundle of cheerful blooms. This bold bunch of fresh flowers will brighten up any room and is sure to satisfy for days to come. This elegant flower is a perfect fit for him.
  2. 12 Pack Assorted Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants - 30 Day Guarantee - Wholesale - Bulk - Fast Shipping - House Plants - Succulents - Free Air Plant Care Ebook by Jody James: These are one of our suggested flowers which you can get for your boyfriend. If your boyfriend loves to farm, or create a garden of flowers, he'll surely love to have this flower on his list or as we know garden. Air Plants are hardy bromeliad plants from Central and South America that don't require soil to grow. Simply soak them in water for 20 minutes once a week and let them dry out. They require indirect, but bright light.

Worried about caring for your boyfriend caring for his new plant? Have you feared? Check your Inbox after ordering and we will send you a Free PDF EBook "Air Plants" Care & Design" by Jody James that will cover topics such as air plant care, displays, and the origins of these special little plants.

You may brighten his day by sending him one of our flowers. Get one today!

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Flowers For My Love

Flowers For My Love

Flowers are a symbol of love and affection. They have been used as a way of expressing one's feelings for another person in many cultures and civilizations. In ancient times, the Greeks would give their loved ones roses, while the Romans would send violets to their wives. Today, flowers are still considered one of the most popular gifts for loved ones on Valentine's Day or on other special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a classic way to say "I love you." Whether it's for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or just because, we have the perfect arrangement to show your sweetheart just how much you care.

While there are many different meanings and traditions associated with certain flowers, people often associate them with love and admiration. Research has also shown that women prefer flowers over other gifts like jewelry or chocolates.

Here are some of our Dainty delicate flowers for your girl

Every person has a different personality and preferences when it comes to gifts. Flowers are a timeless gift and the perfect way to show how much you care about your loved one. Below is a list of our best flower arrangements for your specific needs.

  1. Benchmark Bouquets 12 Stem Assorted Asiatic Lilies, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers): Send this beautiful assorted lily bouquet to girl and a burst of colors will bloom before her eyes. Shipped in bud form, these vibrant blooms  guarantee to stay fresh for at least seven days!

  2. Bloomerang Dark Purple Reblooming Lilac (Syringa) Live Shrub, Purple Flowers: Bloomerang Dark Purple blooms in spring like traditional lilacs, then reblooms in summer and adds beauty and fragrance to gardens from spring to fall. Send this lovely flower to your love, especially as a garden or flower lover. He/she would really feel the scent of your love.

Flowers For My Love

Hopefully, these suggestions will help make your shopping experience easy and stress-free. We know how difficult it is to find the right gift at the last minute. So happy shopping and don't forget to let us know how everything turns out!

By - Emma Reeds

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What Colors Go Well Together

Flowers: What Colors Go Well Together?

When you are putting together a flower bouquet or ordering flower arrangements for your event, you may be stuck on what floral colors look good together or what floral colors will nicely complement your event theme.

Don’t sweat it, here at NBU Flowers, your best florist finding and all things flowers site, we have some hints for choosing and mixing floral colors. And we want to share them with you!

What Two Colors Look Good Together?

The rule if you are only planning on having two different colors in flower bouquets, is to choose directly complementary colors. For example, if your event theme is blue, pick floral arrangements with mixes of blue

and yellow blooms, or for a more beautiful contrast, shoot for flower arrangements with two different shades of yellow flowers.

2 Color Fresh Rose Bouquet, 50 count 

Three Colors that Look Good Together

Adding more color by opting for floral arrangements of three colors is ideal. You can get very creative, exploring different shades and color layers. Remember: the enjoyable and eye-catching contrast of complementary colors proves, so stick with that idea. For example, a business launch party with a green theme can support by floral arrangements of soft pinks and deep purples with lush green accents.

Four Colors that Look Good Together

If you decide to go with floral arrangements having four different flower colors, make sure one of those colors is white. Having a simple white rose, lily, or aster in your floral arrangement will soften and balance the other three colors. Think of orange, soft blues, and browns together with white or, a mix of white, violet, yellow, and blues.

If you’re still unsure about getting started, try your hand with this designer's choice mixed bouquet,

and enjoy the best personally crafted floral arrangements for your upcoming event.

By - Olivia Turner

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The Flower Stores

Flower Stores in Bluefield, West Virginia, USA

Are you a dendrophile in West Virginia, USA? Do you love the fine art of carefully arranged flowers in attractive patterns and the irresistible scent of freshly picked flowers? so You just can’t take your eyes off freshly made artificial flowers? Then you are just a step away from having all of these cravings come through as Bluefield West Virginia flower stores have got you covered. With a wide variety of flowers in different patterns,

sizes, colors, and scents, you are guaranteed to see your desired flower at the store.

Flower Stores in Bluefield, West Virginia, USA

These flowers range from special flowers you can buy for a funeral, a sick friend in the hospital, for birthdays, gala night, product launch, wedding ceremonies, etc. There is just a flower for every event in these stores;

all you need do is ask any florist in Bluefield! Bluefield florists have a quick eye for balance, color, and harmony in the arrangement of their flowers ranging from rose, lily, peony, and delphinium flowers. They are warm, jovial, and

know their onion when it comes to using flowers to pleasure you and your loved ones. They have a special ability in crafting creative flower arrangements, curated into customized patterns to suit your demand. Through these skillful, carefully selected patterns, they convey various emotions, feelings, and ideas to suit any event.

Bluefield flower stores offer the best and cheapest flowers in West Virginia. The inviting ambiance is second to none. A number of them have existed for decades and have become a household names within the community.

Depending on demand, you can have beautiful freshly picked and artificial flowers delivered the same day to your doorstep; all at cost-friendly rates. so You can place your orders online, via phone calls,

or just walk up to your preferred florist store to buy. The stores also offer after-sales support services.

You can order assorted flowers and bouquet from the wide range.

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CORONAVIRUS HELPING LOVED ONES DURING RECOVERY: It is necessary to get adequate information about the COVID-19 virus and take all the required safety measures to prevent the spread and flatten the curve. But in the unfortunate event that someone you know comes down with COVID-19, the time-tested thing to do,

as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO), is to self-isolate until recovery. You should also take responsibility to test if you have been in close quarters with the infected person.

CORONAVIRUS Effect And Recovery

During the period of isolation, it has been reported that people sometimes feel mental and psychological stress from being detached from family and loved ones. As a result, it is essential to explore safe ways to keep the spirit up. Kind gestures like long video calls, Netflix parties, playing online games with them, etc., help, if not less daunting, make the process more bearable. These activities will bring the needed comfort and reduce the anxiety of the recovery period.

Sometimes you may not have the luxury of time; another kind gesture is sending them gifts they would love and appreciate. Presents can go a long way in passing a strong message of your genuine love and concern about their health, whether they are young or elderly. Ideally, gifts that remind them of happy moments you shared--vacations, trips, and even memorable night-outs. Books are also a great idea. Sending them books you know they would love or have stated their interest in reading. It goes a long way in showing your thoughtfulness and care. Send inside jokes and even make new ones,

Let the loved one in your life who’s isolated know that you’re thinking of them. It would mean everything.

Your act of care cannot be overestimated. It can help create a stronger bond by dealing with and getting through the period together. You can show care by offering fresh flowers as well.

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Flower Delivery

Best Flower Delivery Services

Flower delivery services have been in high demand throughout this time of the global pandemic. What is a more sure yet simple way to make your loved one's day or communicate heartfelt congratulations, gratitude, or excitement than with bright, fresh, and fragrant flowers?

Fortunately, at NBU Flowers we’ve got you covered when it comes to the best florist delivery services available. Take a look below at some of the most sought for florist delivery services that we can help you out with.

Flower Delivery Near Me

Finding a local flower delivery service is essential, especially if you are hosting a last-minute event or

brightening someone's day with a personal, same-day florist delivery surprise.

Luckily, NBU Flowers’ Find Your Florist store locator can help you find an ideal local florist shop or nursery with just the click of a button! We provide you with details such as shop hours, directions from your location, and contact info such as phone or email.

Cheap Florist Delivery

We also offer some of the most affordable online flower delivery options out there. Just take a browse on our collections page and find beautiful and economically priced per-cut floral arrangements and bouquets, such as these delightful orchids. Gift the biggest and best flowers without breaking the bank with NBU Flowers.

Flower and Gift Delivery

Better yet, compliment your bouquet with additional gift delivery options. Find gift delivery options such as roses and chocolates or a gourmet gift tower on our site. You will be sure to please any recipient with the freshest florist delivery coupled with a sweet or salty treat. 

NBU Flowers is here to make your flower and gift delivery process easier. So go ahead, surprise, delight and brighten days with the most local, affordable, and freshest florist delivery services.

By - Olivia

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gardening tools


SMALL GUIDE FOR GARDENING TOOLS: Gardening is a beautiful hobby for every age group, from kids to adults it is a fun thing to do, either alone or together.

It also know to be a good mood booster and release all the stress from your life for a few hours and you are also getting a beautiful garden as a result so it is a win-win situation.

Some of the most common and essential tools list below that can find in almost every household that has a garden or even a little front porch with some greenery.


Gloves play a very important role in gardening because some plants can be thorny and can pick your hands while working. Good quality gloves, perfect fit,

and water resistance is a must as you will be working with soil as well as water.

Pruning shears

Pruning shears, also known as secateurs is also a very important tool for gardening, it is like scissors but for plants. It helps to keep the plant in control and cut the unnecessary growth and keep them in shape.

Hand Trowel

This is also an essential tool of gardening. The handle should not be bigger and should fit in your hands perfectly for better working results. So Narrow ones are used to take out weeds from the soil and get rid of it, and the broad-shaped ones are usually used to transfer plants to a pot or a container easily giving no harm to the roots.

Some more are listed below:

  1. Garden Fork
  2. Loppers
  3. Spade
  4. Hoe
  5. Soil Knife
  6. Rakes
  7. Shovel
  8. Garden Hose
  9. Watering Can
  10. Soil Knife

By-Neha Kamran

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Garden Tools

Most Useful Garden Tools

There are so many different products out on the market that it can be hard to know which ones are actually essential. Of course, needs will vary depending on the situation, type of garden, etc., but these are all important basics - having the right tools can decrease the amount of effort needed to get things done right, and can even prevent damage to your plants.

Useful Garden Tools

First things first - Gloves. There are some tasks where I prefer to go without them, but overwhelmingly I use and appreciate my gloves. You want to get a good pair that is durable but not bulky and flexible for easy movement. Water resistance is another very helpful quality, and longer cuffs can prevent soil from getting into them.

Pruning shears need for pruning, obviously. Many plants require some level of pruning to bloom better and keep in peak condition. There are many different kinds of shears; some are better for dead wood, some are better for live green wood, and some have increased strength…so pay attention! All of them should sharpen regularly to avoid causing damage. Along the same lines are loppers, which are essentially larger and longer shears used for thicker branches and deeper spaces that are harder to reach.

For working soil, garden forks help loosen dirt. so There are a few different shapes, curved, straight, and square. Curved is great for looser material like mulch or compost;

straight works with digging into harder or more dense dirt; and square is better for soil that’s full of rocks and roots. Hand trowels are often used for digging out weeds and digging holes for smaller plants... Spades, or square shovels, are very versatile. They move dirt, dig larger and deeper holes for larger plants, edge to reshape beds, lift sod; there are many different kinds of these available as well,

with a variety of sizes and materials offered.

Beginner or professional, you can’t go wrong with any of these garden basics!

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Fertilize Indoor Plants

How Often to Fertilize Indoor Plants

How Often to Fertilize Indoor Plants? Tending to all your indoor plants involves more than just picking pots with drainage holes and keeping up with watering schedules. Every indoor plant also requires regular fertilization to ensure continued and healthy growth. 

What is Fertilizer?

In a nutshell, fertilizer is plant food. Other than sunlight and water, all plants also require certain nutrients in order to grow strong roots and shoots. The most common are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Without surprise, these nutrients are abundant in the earth, and when a plant is growing in the ground it can tap into these available nutrients as needed.

Why Your Indoor Plant Needs Fertilizer?

However, when a plant is growing in a pot, the amount of these nutrients in the soil decreases. Your growing houseplant eats them up and there is no way to replenish them. No worries, that's where you, a responsible plant parent, come in!

Manually adding these three important nutrients to the potting soil of your indoor plant ensures they are always available to your plant and will support its yearly growth.

The best fertilizer for indoor plants contains a balanced mix of the aforementioned important nutrients,

and offers steady nutrient release to your growing indoor plant.

Fertilizing Indoor Plants

So, how to properly fertilize indoor plants: During warm weather, adding fertilizer every month is ideal. This will boost the health and growth of your plant by offering nutrients during the plant’s natural growing season. During the winter months, however, your indoor plant is not in its growing phase so you can get by adding nutrients once every two months.

Now you are in the know! So be the best plant parent and choose a fertilizer that allows for gradual soil enrichment, such as Miracle-Gro’s Indoor Plant Food Spikes or Osmocote’s Smart Release Plant Food, both of which are available from the NBU Flowers product page.

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