Adams Garden

Adams Garden and Nursery

Adams Garden and Nursery is a fantastic local resource for nursery and garden resources. Not only their customers rate them well, they’ve also accredited members of both the Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association (INLA) and Idaho Preferred. Idaho Preferred is an organization that helps to promote agricultural and food products grown locally in Idaho, and is Administered by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture; the INLA is an organization of Idaho professionals in related ‘green’ fields who are dedicated to advancing the industry. so Pretty good qualifications!

The selection at Adams varies widely,

from decorative rock and bark for landscaping to vegetables to trees to flowers and shrubs. In Christmas, they remain open and continue to serve the community by converting into a Christmas tree lot, with additional ‘plant-related’ decorations such as wreaths available as well. Their services include delivery and even the giving of advice in regard to plant health and success!

so The lot is a good size for a family business and is organize well and easy to navigate,

with a fair scope of different species and several good seasonal sales throughout the ye.

The staff is helpful and knowledgeable. the most common complaint I’ve been able to gather about the company, and one I haven’t personally experienced, is that some people were not reimbursed for plants when they thought they should have been. this is hardly unique to Adams. Plants can be very difficult to guarantee, and nurseries will often have specific rules about what they will and will not cover! Make sure you understand what a business’s policy is!

For Adams, it’s pretty typical:

they do not offer credit for plants lost to under/over-watering, extreme temperature fluctuations, and insects or disease, or those installed by third-party contractors or those that are unsuite to their climate to begin with. so It’s very clear and straightforward, and they promise to always do

what is fair and reasonable in the sad occasion that plants fail. As for my part, when I visited last season, I left impressed and several trees happier! I definitely recommend Adams Garden and Nursery for consumers local to Idaho in the Nampa area!

You may like and order these stuffs for your garden-
Easy Grow Complete Fairy Garden kit
Self-Watering Urban Garden Planter
Garden Tools Set

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Living Color Garden Center

Living Color Garden Center

Living Color Garden Center:

Talk about local, homegrown, and homey! This is one plant center that you don’t want to miss in South Florida!

What makes Living Color Garden Center a place to visit?

The right question here is what would make you not want to visit. This place is a hidden gem in South Florida!  Having been a part of the South Florida community since the late 1900s they offer endless options to aid you in creating your dream garden.

What makes them different from other plant shops?

While a lot of plant shops offer a large variety of plants to choose from, this shop goes one step further in realizing that not everyone’s wallet can afford luxurious plants especially if it’s just for a special event.  So how do they help you out? They offer plant rental! Yes, you absolutely read that correctly, they let you RENT plants.  If the plant is picked back up in the same standard that they were rented at, it will come up as half the price of the plant’s original cost.

What if I don’t know what I want to put in my yard?

Well, that is nothing to fear here.  In addition to the basic plants, rocks, and soil, they also have a wide array of pottery, decorative water fountains, garden supplies, statues, and even garden furniture!  So, if you don’t know where to start, take a stroll through the garden center, and before you know it, you’ll have an entire plan for your backyard and the furniture to match.

Where do they get their plants from?

These guys take no chances when it comes to their beloved plants, so much so that they have around 80% of their plants are grown at their sister company, Black Olive East Nursery.

What if I don’t know where to start with plant care?

Not to worry, with a team full of experts there’s always someone available to help you start your plant parenting journey.  And if you’re ever at home and wondering how to manage a specific plant,

they even set up a newsletter that can be of much help, all you have to do is subscribe!

So the next time you feel the need to add a new house plant to the growing collection of plant kids or want to give your backyard a total makeover,  head over to Living Color Garden Center for any of your plant needs!

Some indoor or gardening plants-

Mini Terrarium Plants
Live Snake Plant
2 Large Citronella Plants

By Krystal Ramsaran

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Florida Nursery Mart

Florida Nursery Mart

Florida Nursery Mart- When you think of a one-stop shop for everything from maintaining plants to new landscaping ideas,

this is the place to visit!

Why should you visit  Florida Nursery Mart?

Living in a place like South Florida is as close as you can get to the Caribbean without leaving the United States. From beautiful blue springs to that permanent summer feeling nearly year around, what could be better? But in weather such as this, sometimes water isn’t enough to keep well hydrated and cooled down.  With an area so close to the tropics, having fresh fruit around is an absolute must!  But with that summer heat comes that dreaded feeling of leaving your house to drive and the scramble to get

AC going in your car as quickly as possible. So instead of burning your legs to get fresh mango or coconut water, imagine how much simpler life would be,

if you could pick it from your own garden and have it fresh and ready to eat in an instant?  With over 50 different types of fruit trees to pick from you’re sure to find fruit to your liking that will be easy to grow and ready to pick in no time at all!

What if I’m not the best at taking care of plants yet?

That’s absolutely fine! At Florida Nursery Mart there are over 70 types of drought-tolerant plants that make them easy to manage and easy to start becoming one with your plants.

What if I want to redo my landscaping?

Then this is the place for you.  From sod and mulch to sand and stones to grass and shrubs, this place has it all. so They even have a feature where you can test any new additions to the plant family or changes you wish to make on their Online Virtual Landscape Design.

How far can Florida Nursery Mart deliver?

They can deliver to Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties.

What types of flowers do they have?

From wanting to make an archway out of beautifully colored peach bougainvillea to planting different types of milkweed or fire-bush to attract more butterflies to your home garden this place has it all.  You can pick from a large selection of blooms that are sure to put a smile on your face every time you walk into your house or see local bees or butterflies flying around.

By Krystal Ramsaran

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Growing Lettuce

Do It Yourself: Growing Lettuce in a Nutshell

You don’t have to be an agricultural or greenhouse wizard to grow lettuce successfully. Rather, you can have great success growing fresh and crisp lettuce in your own home garden or in a well tended indoor planter.

Here are four key DIY steps for successfully growing lettuce in a nutshell:

  1. Choose Your Seeds

Using heirloom seeds while growing fruits and vegetables for consumption ensures robust plant lineage and increases the chances of successful growth and multiple harvests. Good seeds lead to great yummy food!

  1. Choose Your Space


Lettuce plant leaves are delicate and prefer a shady location without direct sunlight. In fact, you can make use of the bare spaces beneath your other veggie plants or raised beds to grow crispy lettuce.


Be sure to provide a well draining growing environment for lettuce plants, such as vegetable growing bags or a stacked planter.

  1. Planting

Plant seeds according to the individual package spacing and depth instructions. Each type of lettuce is unique in its best-germination requirements. In general, you can plant more seeds than you think is necessary as you can thin out your lettuce patch over time. 

  1. Harvesting

In a location that is out of direct sunlight, your lettuce plants will flourish as long as you provide them with a good watering once a week. Thin out crowded plants and begin to harvest whole heads when they’re full or select leaves when they’re large.

One last thing: How can you make sure that your DIY, home grown salad

  1. will contain the most delicious and diverse mix of greens? By growing at least three different types, some of the most popular being: Romaine Lettuce, Butterhead Lettuce, and Looseleaf Lettuce.

Alright now, go ahead and grow that delicious lettuce!

By Olivia Turner

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RedBud Native Plant Nursery

RedBud Native Plant Nursery: An Ideal Native Plant Nursery in Pennsylvania

Settled just an hour outside downtown Philly lies the RedBud Native Plant Nursery in Media, Pennsylvania.

This local nursery is dedicated to helping customers build resilient garden ecosystems that aid native fauna. As such, they grow their plants seasonally and offer ideal native woodland, wetland, riparian, meadow, garden, and pond species to select from.

In this article, we will explore their services and highlight some of the superlative programs that RedBud Native Plant Nursery offers for all those living in the Mid-Atlantic region.

To begin, RedBud staff can help you select the best native plants for your soil and site conditions,

as well as assisting the most passionate native gardeners with locating that hard to find native plant.

RedBud also offers knowledgeable native landscape design assistance. This doesn’t just mean listening to your ideas at the nursery and sending you home with suggested solutions, rather, RedBud takes pride in assisting you with finding a local contractor, providing project oversight during installation, and even helping you build a long-term maintenance plan for your native garden installations.

In addition, RedBud offers one-time in-garden consultations or ongoing Garden Support for those in need of support in garden ecology and health. In fact,

RedBud offers these collaborative services until you feel that you are a capable steward of your native home habitat. Ideal for beginner gardeners.

Finally, RedBud Native Plant Nursery hosts monthly Yard Talks for those living in the Mid-Atlantic region at their 904 N. Providence Road Media, PA 19063 location. They also have a website, Facebook, newsletter for devoted gardeners, and an Instagram. RedBud Native Plant Nursery is reachable at 610.892.2833.

Need help finding your own local florist or nursery? Search on NBU Flowers Find Your Florist application for premium florists and nurseries near you.

By Olivia Turner

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Buying Flowers

5 Reasons Buying Flowers is Practical

Buying Flowers- Some things in life are easier than others. Dribbling a basketball is easy; dunking is not. Tying your shoes is easy; unhinging a bra while kissing is not.

You have to do a lot of things that are difficult: Get up and go to work, sit patiently in traffic, say you’re sorry when you don’t feel sorry. It may feel daunting to think of adding “buy flowers” to that already long list of difficult missions. But the truth is, buying flowers is one of the most practical things you can do. Consider the following:

You Don’t Have to Pick Them Yourself

Sure, you could if you wanted to. Drive to an open field, dance like The Sound of Music. Or snatch them out of a bed outside of your local Hardee’s.

But buying flowers means they’ve already been planted, fed, picked, and arranged. All you need is your wallet. Speaking of which...

They’re Universal, Yet Unique

Some women hate jewelry, others hate candy. Some don’t care for a fancy dinner, others won’t be impressed by a beach vacation. But nary a woman doesn’t love at least one kind of flower. There’s a reliability to flowers, which are familiar, yet individualized. Flowers are a universal language, and yet at the same time, each bouquet is its own gesture. No two are the same.

Flowers are Economical

Some gifts are too extravagant, like a pearl necklace. Some are too cheap, like a shot glass in a bikini. Flowers are affordable, but classy if done right. While they all eventually whither, the look on a woman’s face upon presentation is priceless. Combine the first impression, the look, and the smell of roses on a table, and you’re looking at money well spent.

Perfect For When You’re in a Bind

When you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, you may not have time to take the children to sculpt and glaze their own pottery creations for their dear sweet mother. You also don’t have time to run to Pier One and try to hunt for a matching whatchamacallit to go with that whose-what’s-it she has in the living room.

But what you know is that the flower shop is right where you left it. And since the last bouquet you bought died, you know she’d love another one. You know you would do the same thing if it were a puppy.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Even when she can tell you forgot that special day, even when she never asked for flowers, even when you can’t figure out what she wants, even when you screwed up and flowers alone won’t fix it—know that you have to start somewhere. In those times when you hit rock bottom in the general area of getting her something to show you care, flowers will still be there, because flowers show that you care.

You thought of her. And sometimes that’s practically all you need to show.
Buy beautiful and assorted flowers for your loved one-

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Fresh Flower

How to Find Fresh Flower Providers?

Do you have an event coming up that requires fresh flower arrangements? Whether it be a wedding, baby shower, recital, church event, or a business conference,

finding a dependable and knowledgeable fresh flower provider can be tricky

Fortunately, NBU Flowers offers their Find Your Florist tool to anyone needing to locate reputable florists in their local area.

This searching tool offers more than just the name of your local florists, it also shares location, directions, business telephone number, and links to each florists’ independant website. Without a doubt, you can find the perfect fresh flower provider using this NBU Flowers service.

But don’t take my word for it; instead, let’s take a closer look.

What if, for example, you live in Pennsylvania and need to find a local florist with a great selection of best flowers for your upcoming event?

No worries! Type your Pennsylvania location in the Find Your Florist tool, and encounter highly rated florists and flower farms at your disposal, such as the following: 

  1. Pisarcik Flower Farm

Take for example the Pisarcik Flower Farm, a working farm and nursery in Valencia that provides experienced assistance with wedding and event flower arrangements, bulbs, flower workshops,

and more.

  1. Love n’ Fresh Flowers

For those close to Philadelphia, Love n’ Fresh Flowers is an ideal option for floral designs and fresh bouquets from a locally grown, urban flower farm. This Certified Naturally Grown farm offers premier wedding and event arrangements and flower workshops.

In fact, in Pennsylvania alone, this florist search tool contains more than 25 different flower farms and nurseries with full contact and website information contained.

Find these florists and more on the Find Your Florist search tool and get in contact immediately

with an experienced fresh flower provider.

By Olivia Turner

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Indoor Plant

Indoor Plant in Limited Spaces

You may not have known, but indoor plant placed throughout the house serves a number of benefits:

  1. The organic green colors in live plants are soothing and mood-balancing, and can make any room feel more comfortable.
  1. All plants naturally work to filter indoor air, recycling carbon dioxide and providing fresh oxygen.
  1. Indoor plants are one of the most classic and inexpensive home decor, adding texture, variation, and color to all of your spaces.

So, how best can you utilize your living space, especially if it is limited, to experience these benefits of indor plants? Fortunately, there are a number of indoor plant decor and designs that offer ideal and unique solutions. 

Stackable Planter

A helpful trick for those with more vertical space than horizontal space is stackable planters. Stackable planters allow for compact, indoor growth of flowers and herbs without taking up much square footage.

Indoor Plant Stand

If you want to take advantage of a small area, so use an indoor plant stand with multiple levels as a dynamic complement to your other furniture.

Hanging Planter

A hanging planter is a perfect option for the living room or kitchen, and is ideal for succulents or cacti that do not require frequent watering.

Wall Planter

For those struggling with limited square footage, a wall planter offers an ideal solution. Most wall planters can hold five or more pots and make a beautiful addition to any room. 

Mini Planter

Ideal for countertops, bedside tables, bathrooms and more, mini planters can hold small plants and succulents for pops of color throughout your house.

Don’t hesitate! ingenious solutions to take full advantage of all the space you have with indoor plants,

even if it feels limited, and enjoy a greener, fresher, and more modern living space.

thank you so much.

By Olivia Turner

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how to plant roses


HOW TO PLANT ROSES- Rose gardening is probably easier than you think. Growing and caring for roses is different from or more difficult than the usual way of growing flowers.

Let’s look at how you can successfully plant roses in the garden.

1. Good conditioning:

Roses need good exposure to the sun for six or more
hours in a day. Expect you are growing roses in an extremely hot area, there is
no need for shade. There is no particular choice of soil for roses, but they need
adequate nutrients to bloom and thrive. Hence, rich loamy soil with a slightly acidic PH level is most ideal. It is necessary that the sight is protected from wind, and that the rose bush is not crowded to ensure good airflow between the plant.

2. Preparing the ground and soil:

The planting hole should be as deep and a little wider than the root ball. Save the removed soil and mix with bone meal or an
ideal equivalent to refill the dug hole after planting. You can add some organic manure or compost if the removed soil is of poor quality. Allow the root to take
hold before adding anything else.

3. Preparing and planting the rose:

Preferably with a glove, gently remove the
rose from its temporary pot. To ensure that the roots take to the ground as soon as planted, you should loosen the roots. Hold the plant from its base and slip the plant from the pot. With removed soil mixed bone meal, you make a mound at the center of the hole. Put in the rose's root and ensure that the graft union is just below the ground level.

4. Watering and caring for the newly planted rose:

Soak the newly planted rosewater and apply mulch up to two inches around the root and base. You continue watering the rose every other day until it starts to send out new growth.

Here are some beautiful rose flowers and bouquets you may give to your loved one-

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Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers? No Way

Artificial Flowers:

You’ve heard the old argument before.

“Why buy real flowers when they’re going to wilt? Why not buy plastic imitations that will last forever?”

In a time when many consumers have given in and embraced the plastic era, the only way to stand out as a man of integrity is to pick out a genuine living organism. Faux flowers are merely imitators of the fresh succulents you’ll find in a certified floral vendor.

If you brought home a plush puppy instead of a real one, would she be impress? and if you packed a basket of hollow foam peaches for a picnic, would she gasp in delight or depression?

If you want to buy her something made of silk, get her a nice kimono.

If you want polyester in her life, wear a tacky sport coat to your high school anniversary. Worried that the orchid you found will shrivel in fourteen days and be forgot? That, my friend, is the magic of finding another one when the time is right. How else can you renew the love than with a reminder that love isn’t lazy, love doesn’t settle for a one-time purchase, and love takes the risk of losing its flavor, only to be resupplied!

She can smell those constructed poly-blend hydrangeas a mile away. Or rather, not smell them. That’s how she knows. Synthetic sunflowers may never fall to the floor, but in six months’ time, they’ll gather enough dust to choke a puppy. Who has time to clean that?

The truth is, if you’re a man like me, you know what you’re made of. Rich hard soil. Says so in the Bible. And a real flower, like a real man, grows right out of that same nutrient-dense soil. You’re not a fool. You know your time on earth is short. A flower might also kick the bucket one day, but you’re not afraid of your mortality. Until you start pushing up daisies, you know how to bring home the Begonia.

Word of advice:

Leave the fake flowers for the labels of creepy birthday clowns. If Chick Fill A can set out fresh flowers on their dinner tables, so can you. So be the soil-grown, rock-solid tiller of earth she’s always known you to be.

Real flowers take patience and grit to grow, and artisanship to assemble and display. A real flower is dirty, imperfect, and honest. It is what it is, like a simple man. In this day and age, nothing is more sincere than a man showing a woman that he’s here for the long haul, for better or for worse, till death do us part.

Shop from a wide range of artificial flower bouquets at amazing prices.

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Winter Flowers

A Guide To Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Winter is commonly thought of as the season without colorful flowers and plant life. In colder parts of the world, it is referred to as the "dead period", in which nothing but white and cold is visible. However, did you know that may winter flowers are perfect for non-winter seasons? This is because most winter flowers are not exposed to much sunlight throughout the winter season, so they thrive in damp and shady areas.


There isn't a better analogy for family togetherness and comfort in the world of gardening than the winter Snowdrops. This is because these flowers clump together in shady areas to keep each other hydrated. Once they clump together, they create a picture perfect fullness which can make your garden look like a snowy forest trail. For the proverbial cherry on top, the tops of the flowers droop down like little bulbs.


Being winter flowers, Snowdrops require minimal effort when it comes to planting. All they need is for the soil to be loosen and then planted with compost or dried manure and granular fertilizer. Make sure to blend the soil and fertilizer together, so there are no clumps. The Snowdrops need the blending of the soil to be able to freely move to clump together with the mother bulb in offsets.

Where To Plant?

Due to the season that these plants thrive in, they require little of the sunlight that seasoned flowers require, but they do require an abundance of rain and general water source to stay hydrated. There is no such thing as over watering when it comes to Snowdrops! One thing to keep in though; Snowdrops are dormant during the warmer Spring and Summer Seasons and go into a sort of flower hibernation during those times. Because of this, you must be very careful to keep from uprooting these petite pretties when planting and maintaining your Summer and Spring flowers


1.Honey Suckle


3.English Primrose




7.Pieris Japonica

8.Winter Jasmine

By Neha Kamran

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To begin growing orchids at home, you need to understand the optimal conditions for their growth. Most of the requirements to successfully grow orchids involve creating the perfect conditions required for them to blossom.

Orchids grow and develop with good lighting; most require a minimum of six hours of light a day. It is, however, better to avoid direct sunlight, although some species like Vanda thrive with bright light. While inadequate light prevents flowering, dark and lush leaf color is usually an indicator of adequate light. In other words, pay attention to the lighting and make necessary adjustments.

The temperature must also be ideal. Most orchids available in nurseries will survive at a temperature comfortable for humans, but orchids in the wild often experience different temperatures day and night. Changing the temperature as required can be a factor in having a thriving orchid plant.

Orchids need high humidity between 65 and 70 percent is often adequate, but this level is more than the average humidity in most homes. As a result, you must provide extra humidity to keep them flowering. One technique to provide humidity is filling a spray bottle with water and spraying it on the plant. Your orchids will be grateful for the mist. Another method is placing the pot housing the orchid in a bowl filled with water and gravel.

Here are some beautiful Orchid Flowers you may gift to your loved one.
Premium Cut Purple Orchids
Fresh Cut White Orchids Bunch with vase
Blue Dendrobium Orchids with vase

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