best house plants

The Best House Plants

Did you know NASA recommends one houseplant per 100 square feet for cleaner indoor air in your home? Their 2-year long Clean Air Study showed that plants can help to remove volatile organic compounds from the air.
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Floral Shop

How to Manage A Floral Shop?

Have you ever thought about owning and/or operating a flower shop? Wondering if you have what it takes? This article may help you think critically about making that dream a reality.
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Online Flower Shops

After COVID Lockdowns, Online Flower Shops Are Doable and Still Profitable

COVID-19 lockdowns caused economic disruptions and slowdowns all over the world. In a post- COVID-19 lockdown world, online flower shops are legitimate, doable, and manageable.
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Global Rose

Global Rose - Wholesale Flowers & Supplies

For the last 30 years, farms of Global rose have been cultivating flowers to make high-quality standards flowers. They have sold more than 100 million flowers and served thousands of special events.
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Wedding Florist Near Me

Wedding Florist Near Me

If you are looking to support expert florists near you by hiring them for all your wedding flower needs, your first stop should be our Find Your Florist locator.
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Language of Flowers

Language of Flowers

If you’d like to create unique and highly personalized flower gifts or fill your next event with extra meaning take a look below at some flowers and their Victorian meanings.
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Kremp Florist

Kremp Florist Review

Kremp Florist is a family-owned and operated flower shop open and delivering 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They offer a variety of other gifts, both edible and not. Check some of these out.
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Flower Delivery Service

How to Choose Flower Delivery Service?

How to Choose Flower Delivery Service It's very important to know.

When it comes to showing love and support from afar, whether it be due to the current pandemic or other reasons, opting for delivery flowers is a sure and sweet idea.

Fresh flowers are always welcomed and will be received by your special someone with a smile and fond feelings. And if you are separated from your special ones, the best way to gift flowers and the joy they represent is through flower delivery services.

Flower transportation services have developed into a professionally handled option for distanced gift giving. They are especially handy when public health concerns or distance make visiting your significant other impossible.

If you are thinking about using a flower delivery service to brighten someone's day,

but feel unsure how to choose the correct flower transportation services, here are some helpful hints:

  • Opt For A Local Flower Delivery Service

Using a local service may help you spend less on delivery costs. Not sure what flower transportation services are available? Go ahead and search for local flower delivery services all across the U.S. using NBU Flower’s Find Your Florist locator.

  • Browse All Flower To Find The Perfect Ones

Put your time and thought into choosing what type of flower to send. Would they enjoy colorful, assorted roses or a bouquet of summer flowers? Browse through all options to create the best and most personalized flower delivery gift.

  • Flower Delivery Packages

Many flower delivery services offer packages that come with unique flower gifts. There are options available like this rose teddy bear for a dear one or additional gifts alongside flowers such as this yummy gift tower for your favorite snack lover!

Flower delivery can be highly personalize. follow these tips to take full advantage and gift a beautiful, thought-filled arrangement to your special someone.

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Flower Gift For Mom - NbuFlowers

Flower Gift For Mom

Flowers are one of the best gifts to offer Mom. Their fresh scent, delicate petals, and lively colors communicate the gratitude and love that you have for this special woman. When it comes to finding flower gifts for Mom, there are a number of options available. In this post, so we will take a look at some great ideas for flower gifts for Mom.

Garden Gifts For Mom

If your mother is an avid flower gardener, so there are a number of great gifts that she would love. The following items will not only make her time in her flower garden more enjoyable but will also make it easier for her to spend hours tending and growing her favorite flowering plants.

Birthday Flowers For Mom

If your Mom’s birthday is approaching, gifting her flowers is a great idea! You can opt for a flower bouquet gift or, if your mother loves avocado toast, try out an avocado tree grower. Both are sure to bring a smile to her face. 

Moreover, if your Mom has lots of indoor plants, give her a beautiful indoor plant stand to exhibit and spread out her favorites.

Delivery Gifts For Mom

To send love and affection to your Mom from afar, you can depend onflower delivery services for ideal gifts. Choose from beautiful mixed bouquets or send a loud message of love with 50 red roses that are delivered fresh and vibrant to her doorstep.

Needing help finding the best delivery gifts? Check out NBU Flower’s Find Your Florist store locator to get in touch with experienced florists and flower delivery services. Together, you can create the best gift for Mom!

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Global Rose

Review of Global Rose


Global Rose - - is a floral company that offers wholesale flowers, bouquets, and arrangements. They offer special pre-made products for special occasions, such as weddings and holidays and various life events.

Though their contact information list as being in Miami, in their ‘about’ description they say that they fly their flowers to Miami, and there are multiple grammar and formatting mistakes in both the website and in responses to reviews posted on third-party websites. Several sources say that they are actually based in Columbia, which in and of itself is not surprising,

as many roses and other kinds of flowers grow there for the climate.

Review of Global Rose

Reviews are very polarized. A quick glance shows good ratings of 4+ stars on five websites but

delving deeper shows a large number of unsatisfied customers. Most of the complaints are due to shipping issues, which aren’t necessarily the company’s fault, as the products are shipped via FedEx and not the company themselves - and shipping something so fragile, that’s dependent on specific care requirements like temperature, and that has a comparatively short shelf life, is always going to have at least some problems. On The Knot, at least, Global Rose does address both critical comments and praising comments, and

their explanations for those who have experienced issues do appear to be reasonable and fair. They also operate on Amazon, which adds a bit of authenticity, and

on this platform the majority of reviews are positive. Again, shipping is the main difficulty customers have had,

and this is always going to be a tough point for such a large floral company that doesn’t handle this aspect of business themselves. They do their best to prevent complications on their end by not harvesting blooms until absolutely needed for their delivery, attempting to package them as protectively as possible, and making sure that they get their flowers to FedEx facilities on refrigerated trucks; they also have policies to help address things as they arise.

Final Opinion for Global Rose

There are a few threads about whether or not the company is a scam, but I feel that I would be comfortable ordering from them. When ordering from any new company,I wouldn’t necessarily spend hundreds of dollars the first time, but I’d definitely be okay purchasing something and giving them a shot. Global Rose seems like a legitimate company, and they seem to have a passion for flowers.

By - Heather Atkin

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Products at Global Rose

Products at Global Rose

Products at Global Rose. As the name implicitly implies, they do offer many different kinds of roses. This subpage is first organized by color and a few other characteristics such as spray or stem and size, which is helpful. In some cases they offer just a basic order of ‘pink spray roses’ or ‘burgundy roses’,

but in others, a customer is able to choose the exact variety of roses they’d like, such as High & Blooming and Hilux. Packages run from 50 to 250 stems, with prices dependent on the kind of roses you purchase and free shipping generally available. Each selection has a column of product information that includes such details as vase life, bloom time, stem length, etc.

Their other main ‘bulk’ category is carnations. It follows the same pattern as the roses, but there is a difference in the number of stems available to buy - 100 to 400 stems is the range here.

Global Rose isn’t nearly so simple as to have only those two options, though. They have an incredible variety of miscellaneous florals, from different kinds of greens to baby’s breath to orchids - even rose petals! And as far as greens go, there’s not just your run-of-the-mill leatherleaf and Ruscus; they have ming, grasses, palms, eucalyptus, dusty miller, and even aralia leaves, which is a pretty decent assortment of many different textures.

Arrangements of Global Rose Products

Pre-made arrangements and bouquets are also offered, and even as personal florals such as boutonnieres and corsages. They’re separated into different categories based on the ‘brand’

of bouquets and different kinds of occasions, including holidays beyond Valentine’s, such as Christmas and Easter. For weddings, there are pre-made centerpieces for sale as well as pre-made bridesmaid’s and bride’s bouquets. Here’s the link to all their wedding florals:

Final Opinion

There really is a decent variety available here, with competitive pricing and good deals on shipping. You could likely find a product for any event you have in mind,

with less trouble and less cost than going through a middleman. I’d say it’s a viable option for anyone looking to order florals!

By - Heather Atkin

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Perennial Wildflower Seeds

Perennial Wildflower Seeds Mix

Perennial wildflower seeds mix is in high demand for backyard gardeners wanting to create diverse and pollinator-friendly garden beds. Perennial wildflowers offer diverse flower colors and forms and add a wild spirit to an otherwise polished garden.

Annual Wildflowers vs. Perennial Wildflowers

Before we even start talking about perennial wildflower seeds, it is important to distinguish between annual and perennial wildflowers. One descriptive word makes all the difference!

  • Annual Wildflowers: these are wildflowers that complete their life cycle in one growing season. These plants germinate from seed, produce flowers, and die all in one year.
    • You can collect seeds from your annual wildflowers to sow the next spring
    • Annual wildflowers are a favorite of gardeners that look to change the floral makeup of their flower garden each year
  • Perennial Wildflowers: these are wildflowers that complete their life cycle in two or more growing seasons. They grow from seed and remain in the garden for at least two seasons.
    • When planting perennial wildflowers keep in mind that these are more long-term floral additions to your gardens

Bulk Perennial Wildflower Seeds

If you’re interested in the long-term commitment that perennial wildflowers allow, so you need to find a good perennial flower seed mix source.

  • Look for Live Seeds - these are properly collected seeds that have minimal storage and processing to offer high growing viability, such as this perennial wildflower seed mix.
  • Look for Non-GMO Seeds - This ensures that the pollen, nectar, and seeds are 100% natural, safe for all pollinators, and viable for germination. This seed mix is a great Non-GMO option.
  • Look for High Quantity Perennial Wildflower Seed Mixes - this will ensure that the seed mixes you plant result in a diverse and beautiful mix of perennial wildflowers. This perennial seed mix contains 30k seeds.

By - Olivia Turner

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